ADT MobileSafety GPS/Cellular/Mapping Hybrid

ADT MobileSafety GPS/Cellular/Mapping Hybrid. ADT Security Services new MobileSafety combines GPS, cell phone, and mapping service features into a least-common denominator device that strips most of the functionality of its inspiration in a trade-off for ease-of-use. One push of the single button on the device puts the user in touch with ADT's monitoring center via… Continue reading ADT MobileSafety GPS/Cellular/Mapping Hybrid

Target: The Price of Oil

3 out of the 4 al Qaeda guerrillas in the Khobar, Saudi Arabia attack escaped. This is either a gross operational failure or an indication of fifth column force within Saudi security ranks.  For more background on understanding attacks on Saudi Arabia, see “Target: The Price of Oil” , “Target: Ghawar“, and “Journal:  Saudi Oil… Continue reading Target: The Price of Oil

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Vendors Don't Take Simple Security Setup Seriously

Vendors Don't Take Simple Security Setup Seriously. Almost superb AP story on the lack of simple setup in Wi-Fi home gateways: The reporter neatly details the difficulties in all of the current Wi-Fi gateways in turning security on, especially in gateways and adapters designed by different companies. The only point the writer misses is that… Continue reading Vendors Don't Take Simple Security Setup Seriously

Gnome Outliner

Gnome Outliner, an “outline editor for Gnome.” [Scripting News]

Exchange Server 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

Exchange Server 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide.  Microsoft has released the Exchange Server 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide. This guide explains how to back up and restore the critical data in your Exchange organization. It covers how to use the backup utility in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Backup), how to back up Microsoft Exchange Server… Continue reading Exchange Server 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

Potomac Tech Journal

Potomac Tech Journal.  A big problem that is severely impacting the GWOT. It's sounds like the system needs to be revamped given the change in the threat's mode of operation. The war on terrorism has forced government contractors in the region into a high-stakes competition for a finite supply of specialized information technology workers with… Continue reading Potomac Tech Journal

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New Post to Global Guerrillas

New Post to Global Guerrillas. Target:  The Price of Oil.  The price of oil has emerged as an indicator of terrorist success.  Al Qaeda, as a virtual market-state replacement for the failing Middle Eastern nation-states, is demonstrating that it is better at adapting strategy to market indicators of success than the first world market-states. [John Robb's Weblog]

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MySQL Conference Roundup

MySQL Conference Roundup.  This past week was the MySQL conference in case you missed it. Here's some of the stuff I found pretty interesting. First, Jeremy Zawodny's new book High Performance MySQL has been published and is on Safari (if you have a subscription). Right off the bat it's very informative: Many binary distributors of MySQL… Continue reading MySQL Conference Roundup

OQO 4 Real

OQO 4 Real. 40 Companies Are Test Driving the OQO “OQO has selected a lucky group of 40 major potential corporate customers to test drive the OQO Model 01. They are pretty confident — and we can hardly disagree — that 'OQO will sell every unit it can make during the first year or two.'… Continue reading OQO 4 Real

“All Trust the Internet”

“All Trust the Internet”. On a Mission: The New Internet Mission “According to Nielsen, there are 31 million moms online. They're 38, tend to be married, are very smart — college educated — and are working moms. Moms forever have been key decision makers. What's interesting is how that translates to the Internet. You have… Continue reading “All Trust the Internet”