Generosity?!. From the Wall Street Journal, May 13. It's sometimes said Americans are stingy when it comes to foreign aid. Perhaps, but a recent study reports that our $19.7 billion in gov't aid in 2004 topped the charts and was more than #2 and #3 combined—Japan and France. Far more important, private contributions (schools, religious… Continue reading Generosity?!

How OPACs Suck, Parts 1, 2 & 3

How OPACs Suck, Parts 1, 2 & 3. If you're a librarian, Karen Schneider's series on ALA TechSource, “How OPACs Suck”, should be required reading. Certainly any vendor of library software should sit up and take notice. Library online catalogs have not adapted to the expectations of users familiar with features provided by sites such… Continue reading How OPACs Suck, Parts 1, 2 & 3

U.S. Quake Warning Systems Lag

U.S. Quake Warning Systems Lag. Alert systems in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey give earthquake warnings that allow trains to stop, gas and electric utilities to protect their systems and people to get away from windows. Why does the U.S. have so little in place? [Wired News: Top Stories]

Jeff Waugh: Sunday Grab Bag!

Jeff Waugh: Sunday Grab Bag!.  Seamless RDP: Cendio has released SeamlessRDP, a set of changes for rdesktop to provide rootless RDP functionality. I can see this being extremely useful in small business environments, where staff would be perfectly happy using Linux desktops if only they had access to one or two line-of-business applications. Rock on,… Continue reading Jeff Waugh: Sunday Grab Bag!

Just Give Me a Simple Phone

Just Give Me a Simple Phone. Many consumers are not impressed by the endless tricks and functions manufacturers keep adding to cell phones. They just want a sturdy phone that's easy to use. [Wired News: Top Stories]