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Starbucks wireless network a sweet deal for MobileStar

Network World: Starbucks wireless network a sweet deal for MobileStar. The initiative is a boon to MobileStar Network, the ISP responsible for the wireless LAN connectivity in each Starbucks stores and the backbone network connecting the shops to the Internet. MobileStar expects Starbucks will account for 50% of its network footprint by 2003. [Tomalak's Realm]

Do Java programmers really need SOAP?

Do Java programmers really need SOAP?. Why is adopting SOAP in Java premature?

First, a simple form of Web services can already be implemented with Java Servlets. A Servlet can receive an HTTP POST with an XML document as the content and return an XML document as the response. Thus we could define a simple Web service as:

Web service = (XML input document, service name, XML output document)

Given the strong data typing of the XML schema, this simpler model can serve any purpose that SOAP RPC currently serves. If a simpler alternative exists, such as a model where the input is a single XML message and the output is a single XML message, then why use an XML instantiation of legacy RPC implementations.

[PHP Everywhere]

Here's an idea

David Winer: Here's an idea we've been incubating for six years. In Frontier, if you put a name in double-quotes that it knows, it does a replacement. This glossary is hierarchic, so it loops out levels until it hits the root, so you can over-ride global definitions locally. A one-level version of this glossary is the Manila shortcuts feature. It all happens in the CMS, on the server, not in the browser, fully under the control of the writers. Now that Microsoft has raised the issue, it makes sense perhaps to formalize a proposal for developers of CMS's to do distributed glossaries. This is something we've been working on steadily too. Our global glossary is a web app, and Radio 7.0 users automatically update Radio's glossary every night to get the latest changes, via XML of course. So we've got a working flow system already built. [Scripting News]

Scripting News

David Winer: I'm working on a new thing I call #upstream.xml. It's a spec you drop in a folder that tells Radio how to route changes to the folder and its sub-folders. I've been getting ready to do this for at least a year or two. It's tricky code, I'm writing it slowly, but it's fun and it works. I've got the FTP driver running, today I'm working on the XSS driver. [Scripting News]

Nicholas Petreley

Nicholas Petreley: “You can't compete with Microsoft without first making a deal with Microsoft over something as basic as where your customer's data is stored and how one must access it. If that thought doesn't bother you, given Microsoft's abuse of its authority in the past, then by all means, embrace what you must view as the beneficent dictator of the future of network computing.” [Scripting News]