Shutdowns set for convention

Shutdowns set for convention. Interstate 93 will be shut down in both directions for all four evenings of the Democratic National Convention, and North Station will be closed to all commuter rail and subway service, officials involved with security planning said. [Boston Globe — Front Page]

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HOW-TO: VNC secure tunneling using Windows PuttY ssh client.

HOW-TO: VNC secure tunneling using Windows PuttY ssh client.. Quote: “Secure connection to remote desktop using open source VNC or Tight VNC software (that is normally doesn't encrypt traffic other than password). As a “side-effect”, shorter response times achieved due to ssh efficient traffic compression.” Comment: A nice step-by-step answer to part of my question… Continue reading HOW-TO: VNC secure tunneling using Windows PuttY ssh client.

Increasing Business Intelligence

Increasing Business Intelligence.  ITtoolbox, the producer of the Business Intelligence Knowledge Base, recently launched a series of blogs that take a first-hand look into the daily challenges faced by real-world IT professionals. Addressing business intelligence, technology strategy, project management, software development, and business analysis, the blogs are insightful, personal approaches to organizational technology challenges. The… Continue reading Increasing Business Intelligence

Knowledge Mismanagement

Knowledge Mismanagement. Two interesting perspectives on knowledge management were published online recently. The essays provide thought-provoking bookends to the consideration of how information is used within organizations — and how teams collaborate. In Technology Review, Alex Pentland contends that data mining doesn't go far enough. Companies need to be “reality mined.” Studies of office interactions… Continue reading Knowledge Mismanagement

Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps! – Making Sense of It All

Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps! – Making Sense of It All. Lars Garshol, Development Manager at Ontopia posted a fantastic article on the relationships between different classification tools – topic maps, ontologies, taxonomies, and more. Well worth the read, since it's a clear explanation that separates similar concepts that too often get muddled. [ia/ blogs]

Patching vs. Intrusion Prevention

Patching vs. Intrusion Prevention. I better start this entry off by stating that for a living (what puts bread on my table) I write computer security tools and technology, with my latest research into mandatory access control driven by providing “process rights management” through host-based intrusion prevention. Ya its a mouthful, but basically I have… Continue reading Patching vs. Intrusion Prevention

Writing SW for Users

Writing SW for Users Clay Shirky has just posted a terrific (and fairly long) article on what he calls Situational Software.  By that, he means software that is written by members of a small group for its own use.  He contrasts that sharply with what he calls Web software, by which he means more traditional… Continue reading Writing SW for Users

Downloading doesn't hurt sales: new study

Downloading doesn't hurt sales: new study. “Downloads have an effect on sales which is statistically indistinguishable from zero.” “The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis” (.pdf file), a new study from two professors at UNC and Harvard Business, finds that internet downloading of copyrighted, commercial materials did not harm sales during… Continue reading Downloading doesn't hurt sales: new study