Heading off to Ohio tomorrow to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

From the Desk of David Pogue: Microsoft and Innovation.

From the Desk of David Pogue: Microsoft and Innovation.: “David Pogue's editorial susinctly and rationally gets to the crux of the matter of why Microsoft bothers us so.” [as in] “Instead, according to an article this week in The Financial Times, the numbers tell the real story: Microsoft’s Xbox game division lost $177 million last… Continue reading From the Desk of David Pogue: Microsoft and Innovation.

“Die Another Day”

“Die Another Day”. Pierce Brosnan is relaxed, Halle Berry has a catsuit to die for and the gadgets are awesome. It's flawed, but it's the best 007 flick in 20 years. [Salon.com] I want to see this movie.  🙂

Speakeasy Encourages Sharing Wi-Fi

Speakeasy Encourages Sharing Wi-Fi. “Unlike traditional ISPs, which either prohibit wireless networking entirely or grudgingly allow it but saddle customers with extra fees, Speakeasy is encouraging unfettered access. Speakeasy users can extend their broadband connections wirelessly — to additional computers in their homes or even to computers in neighboring homes,” said Mike Apgar, Speakeasy CEO.… Continue reading Speakeasy Encourages Sharing Wi-Fi

Interview: Maryam Mohit, Amazon.com

Good Experience: Interview: Maryam Mohit, Amazon.com. We run a lot of tests in our usability lab, almost continuously. Project teams can request usability testing, and the usability team also goes out and tests stuff of interest. Or ideas to investigate might come from customer service e-mail, which is a really important source of information. [Tomalak's… Continue reading Interview: Maryam Mohit, Amazon.com


Slashdot | Your Rights Online – Verizon Sues to Stop Privacy Rules; Wants to Sell Call Data. Jake writes “Verizon has asked a federal court to stop state regulators from enforcing new privacy rules that would prohibit telephone companies from using or sharing details about customers' calling habits without permission. Verizon, which serves nearly 1… Continue reading Slashdot

Net Snippets

Net Snippets. – “Net Snippets is a unique Internet information management tool designed to address the needs of researchers, students, information specialists and individuals who rely heavily on the Internet as an information source.” “Integrated into the browser, Net Snippets provides users for the first time with tools to clip, annotate, edit and manage information… Continue reading Net Snippets

Thunderstone Webinator

Free search engine software.  Thunderstone Webinator.   All it takes to build a powerful knowledge sharing network: Weblog software:  Radio or Manila Search engine:  Thunderstone or the Google appliance News aggregator:  Radio [John Robb's Radio Weblog]