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The Lost Art of Research-Paper Writing

The Lost Art of Research-Paper Writing. – “Students no longer need the excuse “The dog ate my research paper” because in a large majority of our nation's schools, there are no research papers for the dog to eat! Many high-school teachers around the country have quit teaching research-paper writing because they simply do not know how to keep their students from plagiarizing off the Internet. Rather than facing the problems which arise when students cheat, many teachers are backing away from teaching a full-fledged research paper at all.”

“Meanwhile, businesses are clamoring for employees who can do quality research and who can then write up their research in such a way that there is no chance of litigation being filed against their companies.”

“Colleges and university professors are complaining because their students no longer know how to do independent research. When papers are assigned, many college students are taking the easy way out by plagiarizing because they really do not know a systematic way to go through the research process.” (from Education News)

LS ThoughtsFewer research papers means less use of the resources available at the library. Not good news from the higher education front. [Library Stuff]

From the Desk of David Pogue: Microsoft and Innovation.

From the Desk of David Pogue: Microsoft and Innovation.: “David Pogue's editorial susinctly and rationally gets to the crux of the matter of why Microsoft bothers us so.” [as in] “Instead, according to an article this week in The Financial Times, the numbers tell the real story: Microsoft’s Xbox game division lost $177 million last quarter, its MSN online service lost $97 million, its application-software division lost $68 million, and its palmtop division lost $33 million. The only profits at Microsoft, in fact, came form its Windows monopoly money: $2.84 billion. (If there’s any doubt that Microsoft is abusing its monopoly, that’s an 85 percent profit margin.)” [Archipelago]

Speakeasy Encourages Sharing Wi-Fi

Speakeasy Encourages Sharing Wi-Fi. “Unlike traditional ISPs, which either prohibit wireless networking entirely or grudgingly allow it but saddle customers with extra fees, Speakeasy is encouraging unfettered access. Speakeasy users can extend their broadband connections wirelessly — to additional computers in their homes or even to computers in neighboring homes,” said Mike Apgar, Speakeasy CEO. “Speakeasy is virtually alone in encouraging neighborhood Wi-Fi networks.” [Smart Mobs]

Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development

Matt Review – Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development Gareth Downes-Powell, Tim Green, Bruno Mairlot – Glasshaus

I am stunned. Real deer in the headlights stuff here. I have gone through so many books in the years I have been in the business and edited about 12 of them. This has to be the best, I mean the VERY best book I have ever seen dealing with databases and web programming. If I had had this book in 1996, I would have *owned* that damned sock puppet and half the other dot coms as well. This is a MUST have book not just for PHP but for any other application server because of the excellent treatment of SQL and how to build a complex application in Dreamweaver MX.

In fact, I would recommend this book and an install of PHP and MySQL for any developer to prototype their site regardless of the final application server or database you plan to use.

What can I say. This is THE book. I am going to go through this again to go over some of the Advanced SQL over the weekend. This book is a must have if you are doing dynamic sites and a must-must have if you are doing PHP and MySQL.

10 out of 10 Matts.  $39.99, ($27.99from Amazon)  [Matt Brown's Radio Weblog]


Slashdot | Your Rights OnlineVerizon Sues to Stop Privacy Rules; Wants to Sell Call Data.

Jake writes “Verizon has asked a federal court to stop state regulators from enforcing new privacy rules that would prohibit telephone companies from using or sharing details about customers' calling habits without permission. Verizon, which serves nearly 1 million customers across Washington state, had plans to begin a data-sharing system that allowed the company and its affiliates to collect information on when, where and how often customers make telephone calls. It would use that data to sell new products and services to customers.” — “We believe we have certain rights as a corporation to use this information,” Verizon's PR person says. Great.  [Privacy Digest]

Net Snippets

Net Snippets. – “Net Snippets is a unique Internet information management tool designed to address the needs of researchers, students, information specialists and individuals who rely heavily on the Internet as an information source.”

“Integrated into the browser, Net Snippets provides users for the first time with tools to clip, annotate, edit and manage information found on the web without leaving the comfort of their favorite browser interface.” (via Evhead)

LS ThoughtsI took an online tour of this product and it would be perfect for organizing the content I read online everyday. The price is not that bad ($49.95), and I love that it is fully integrated into the browser. Here's an idea…put this type of program into the Blogger software, allowing for the organizaion of content within the blog itself as well as in the administration mode. One click and I could drag and drop information into a blog, put it into a folder, add comments, and then publish it in one shot to my weblog. Now there is a time saver. [Library Stuff]