Code Debt

Code Debt. I’ve been pondering a new term I heard the other day. The term is “code debt.” I heard it while listening to Jason Fried in this podcast and I can’t stop thinking about it. Code debt to me is very real. It’s the debt you have to keep paying back when you have… Continue reading Code Debt

Power bubbles for the iFolder Linux Client

Power bubbles for the iFolder Linux Client. I've been working to enhance the capability of the notification bubbles in the Linux Client so users will be able to take action immediately when they get a notification (i.e., click on a link presented to them in the bubble). Additionally, I'm strongly contemplating changing the initial modal… Continue reading Power bubbles for the iFolder Linux Client

How to become a hacker

How to become a hacker. # Monday in a “chatroom interview” in Beijing someone asked me how to become a hacker. (Those of you visiting this web page from the People Magazine article, you should know the term “hacker” here refers to a computer programmer, not an internet vandal). My interlocateur wanted to contribute to… Continue reading How to become a hacker

Think Young

Think Young. Is there something you loved to do when you were younger but that you stopped doing? Did you stop doing it because you truly outgrew it… or because you got older? If you want to keep your brain sharp… [Creating Passionate Users]

Apologies to pensioner detained as terrorist

Apologies to pensioner detained as terrorist. LABOUR ministers yesterday offered half-hearted apologies to Walter Wolfgang, the 82-year-old activist ejected from the party's conference for daring to heckle Jack Straw over the war in Iraq. [The Scotsman]

Desirable Traits in a CIO

Desirable Traits in a CIO. Every now and then, I think it would be great to be a CIO, in part because the title seems so cool. As a CIO, you get invited to great conferences for “C level” executives. And you get a great magazine – CIO magazine, one of my favorite magazines Speaking… Continue reading Desirable Traits in a CIO