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Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards. Executive Dashboards: At Boxes & Arrows, Alex Kirtland talks about supplying varied business data which alerts the user to changing conditions of their own personal criteria. Sounds dry? Perhaps, but it's also a good roadmap for high-value Central development…  [JD on MX]

Wes Clark's embracing of weblogs

Wes Clark's embracing of weblogs. It's hard not to be impressed with the way that Wesley Clark's campaign for the 2004 Presidential campaign has embraced weblogs. Going way beyond the now-requisite candidate weblog, the campaign registered ForClark.com, and (under Cam Barrett's guidance) is using it to create smaller communities of supporters that are able both… Continue reading Wes Clark's embracing of weblogs

Hiding behind the web

Hiding behind the web. I guess I'm not the only one that noticed that a customer service phone number no longer appears anywhere obvious on Amazon's website. (A few months ago, I bought a wireless keyboard from them, and when it was broken on arrival, went hunting for the proper way to deal with the… Continue reading Hiding behind the web

On the Road with Wi-Fi

On the Road with Wi-Fi. Truckstop.net, which recently signed a deal with Sprint to build hotspots in truck stops, signed a deal with Pilot Travel Centers. Pilot operates rest stops in 37 states and claims to be the largest “travel plaza network” in the country. Pilot's rest stops will get Wi-Fi aimed at truckers and… Continue reading On the Road with Wi-Fi

Bob Lewis on SWOT Strategic Planning

Bob Lewis on SWOT Strategic Planning. A good, short, practical approach to strategic planning that should help you get better results. [DennisKennedy.blog]

Best Practices for Wireless Network Security

Best Practices for Wireless Network Security. From ComputerWorld, Susan Kennedy's article on wireless security is one of the best discussions I've seen on the subject. [DennisKennedy.blog]

A tale of two Cairos

A tale of two Cairos. Microsoft's 2003 Professional Developers Conference (PDC) reminded some observers of the same event in 1993, when the hot topics were the Win32 APIs, a rough draft of Windows 95 code-named Chicago, and a preview of a futuristic object-file-system-based NT successor code-named Cairo. The hot topics this year were the WinFX… Continue reading A tale of two Cairos