Spammers using sender authentication too, study says

InfoWorld: Spammers using sender authentication too, study says. But Wong, who co-authored both the SPF and Sender ID standards, said that stopping spam was never the intention of SPF or Sender ID. The technology is merely a way to stop one loophole spammers use: source address spoofing. Evidence that spammers are publishing SPF records is… Continue reading Spammers using sender authentication too, study says

Client-Centric Marketing: What Clients Want

Client-Centric Marketing: What Clients Want. From the excellent SmartPros newsletter: Client-Centric Marketing: What Clients Want makes a compelling case for August Aquila and Bruce Marcus's Client at the Core: Marketing and Managing Today's Professional Services Firm. Here are some excerpts from the review's excerpts from the book: Because clients are more sophisticated in the ways… Continue reading Client-Centric Marketing: What Clients Want

Today's five-star site: LLRX

Today's five-star site: LLRX. Since its creation in 1996, LLRX, an innovative Webzine for legal professionals, has remained on the cutting edge, spotting new trends, zeroing in on key developments, and often being first to report important news. Completely free, it is updated monthly [Robert Ambrogi's LawSites]


WSJ. Negroponte hits the claxon over Iraq. John Negroponte, who arrived at his post in late June, described the dire security situation in a lengthy cable sent last week to his superiors at the U.S. State Department. The new U.S. ambassador to Iraq, arguing that the insurgency there has become more protracted than anticipated, wants… Continue reading WSJ

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Good to great @ Macromedia

Good to great @ Macromedia. For $1,300 you can get a one year subscription to Macromedia Devnet, which includes most of the company's web authoring tools, including Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks. Unfortunately, Devnet does not include Robohelp and Robodemo. I don't understand why… including these products would increase the value, and expose more developers to… Continue reading Good to great @ Macromedia

Fired for Blogging

Fired for Blogging. No, not me. (But would it surprise you?) It seems that Friendster, who had no policy at all on employee blogging, has fired Joyce Park. You may remember her from such debates as Java vs. PHP. Or maybe her book. Or maybe mod_pubsub (blog). Take a minute. Go read her blog. See… Continue reading Fired for Blogging

The knowledge profile (KP)

The knowledge profile (KP). A knowledge profile records skills, tools, practices and social networks, it highlights competencies, identifies gaps, helps with learning programs to address deficits, realize opportunities and heighten awareness for the owner and colleagues. KPs may focus on the individual where they form a key part of your personal knowledge management (PKM) system… Continue reading The knowledge profile (KP)

Cable Modem 3.0

Cable Modem 3.0. Communications, Engineering and Design Magazine has an overview of a newer, faster, cable modem standards from CableLabs. “DOCSIS 1.0 is the Trojan Horse, and DOCSIS 1.1 is the Greek soldiers inside,” says Ryan Jones, media and entertainment analyst for the Yankee Group. “With 1.1 you can provision different levels of service, and… Continue reading Cable Modem 3.0

Comcast to market new video recorder

Comcast to market new video recorder. Starting tomorrow, Comcast Corp. will begin marketing an enhanced cable box to New Englanders that will accelerate a revolution that is changing television-watching habits, and the television industry itself. The Motorola box, which includes a TiVo -style digital video recorder, will allow millions of subscribers to watch shows on… Continue reading Comcast to market new video recorder