Reading IT’s mind

Reading IT’s mind – News.comWhile the media may highlight the IT exploits of world-class companies like Wal-Mart and FedEx, in order to understand the current position of the technology sector, it may be more instructive to look at what’s happening in “middle America.” After all, the “bleeding edge” developments at high-profile companies are “about as… Continue reading Reading IT’s mind

Virtual Teams and Trust

Virtual Teams and Trust. Stanford Business Magazine has an interesting article on managing virtual teams, detailing both advantages and disadvantages: “Task conflict,” Neale says, “is the conflict of ideas or controversy. And this is exactly the kind of conflict that is absolutely essential. It's the type of conflict we want to create and encourage in… Continue reading Virtual Teams and Trust


I just setup my new Martian NetDrive.  It's a Mini-itx based wireless file and printer server running Debian Linux.


WASTE looks to be quite interesting.  It's great to see more people working to  crank up the level of confidentiality on the Internet.  I don't think people have any concept of how much sniffing is actually occurring out there, and how easy it has become since the explosion of WiFi.  This is why I've been… Continue reading WASTE

Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen makes some really great points about the fact that many companies to have a “don't ask, don't tell, and please for the love of God don't do anything stupid” attitude related to blogs.  There is actually good reason for this:  By suggesting that employee blogs might be “officially sanctioned”, or by in some way acknowledging that the… Continue reading Joshua Allen

Add Your Thoughts to Martindale-Hubbell Discussion

Add Your Thoughts to Martindale-Hubbell Discussion. I'll be adding a comments feature as soon as I move this blog to a better web server. In the meantime I've started a separate discussion group to facilitate comments on the future of lawyer directories, including Martindale-Hubbell. I'll incorporate the more cogent comments into an essay I'm drafting… Continue reading Add Your Thoughts to Martindale-Hubbell Discussion

Ethically challenged

Ethically challenged  From buying organic to taking the bus, Leo Hickman is trying to adopt a more ethical lifestyle – and he's writing a book about the process. But he needs your help… A very interesting idea!

Hacker Takes a Crack at TiVo

Hacker Takes a Crack at TiVo. An avid TiVo fan will release a book this summer detailing 100 ways to break into everyone's favorite digital video recorder. While the book's author says he isn't condoning anything illegal, TiVo, the company, said it doesn't encourage people to try the hacks at home. By Elisa Batista. [Wired… Continue reading Hacker Takes a Crack at TiVo