Unplugged. My uncle used to work out of a home office, back in the day when the way to stay connected with the world was to have your own fax machine. On days when he wanted to unplug, he just unplugged the fax machine.  Here is a partial list of things I will be unplugging:… Continue reading Unplugged

Hottest jobs for College grads

Hottest jobs for College grads. – The sixth one down on the list is corporate librarian. Neataroo!!! Here is the description from the site: “Job opportunities for librarians not only exist in public libraries and school districts, but there are numerous and well-paying opportunities outside of the traditional environments, such as government agencies, law firms,… Continue reading Hottest jobs for College grads

Ernie the Attorney

Now what I'd like to see is courtrooms deploy wireless access points so that attorneys could, during the course of a trial or hearing, access the Internet to do on the spot research, or pull up a key document from their office.  When do you think that will happen?  [Ernie the Attorney]

The Chronicle: MIT DSpace Progress

The Chronicle: MIT DSpace Progress. Quote: “Six major research universities announced this week that they are working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to fine-tune an MIT program for archiving scholarly works called DSpace, which has become wildly popular in academe in just a few months.” [Serious Instructional Technology]

Dealing with difficult clients:

Dealing with difficult clients: Patrick Andrews offers a short taxonomy and set of tips at Builder.com… seems practical, effective. [JD on MX]


“How to be a programmer:” This is a 40-page PDF essay from Robert Read. “I have attempted to summarize as concisely as possible those things that I wish someone had explained to me when I was twenty-one… Debugging is the cornerstone of being a programmer. The first meaning of the word to remove errors, but… Continue reading Untitled

Wired News

Privacy News from Wired News – 9-Digit 'Social' Overused as ID. For many American companies and universities, it's common practice to use Social Security numbers as unique identifiers. But growing concerns over identity theft are pressuring state legislators to limit the practice. [ … ] Faced with growing pressure from constituents concerned about the risks… Continue reading Wired News

Face scan set to replace passport check.

ABC News (Australia)- Face scan set to replace passport check.. A new air passenger identification system that uses automatic photo-matching technology instead of a Customs officer has been launched in Sydney. The technology is called biometrics and uses body characteristics like fingerprints, iris patterns and face recognition to check identity. Passengers will walk through a… Continue reading Face scan set to replace passport check.