“All Trust the Internet”

“All Trust the Internet”.

On a Mission: The New Internet Mission

“According to Nielsen, there are 31 million moms online. They're 38, tend to be married, are very smart — college educated — and are working moms. Moms forever have been key decision makers. What's interesting is how that translates to the Internet.

You have to be where they are online. In 2004, moms told us that they're spending more time online than watching television…. We did a lot of focus groups with moms. It's one of those time-saving devices. It simplifies their life, and that's what they're looking for when they turn to the Internet….

We arrived at four distinct segments: the Tech Nester, Mrs. Net Skeptic, the Yes Mom, and Passive Under Pressure. We got rid of that last segment because she's passive and a newbie, but we still ended up with 77% of Internet moms….

When we started really digging into the segments, we found that their similarities are more interesting than their differences. They were all after the same basic things. They want to simplify their lives. All trust the Internet. The Internet is where they turn to first. You don't have to have separate strategies to address each segment….

They all want information. They think the Internet is the most useful medium for accessing information. And as a source of entertainment, it came in number two. As it did for spending time with their kids. They've come to rely on the Internet. 84% said they would miss the Internet the most if it went away. It's the same with kids and teens.” [Fast Company Now, via Lost Remote]

Although this article and the study are aimed more at marketers, it's interesting to read the results in the context of libraries. The need to do research, the desire for making life simpler, and the misguided trust of all things internet… how are libraries fitting into these womens' lives? Are they? There are whole trust circles online where libraries are nowhere to be found. How do we get there?  [The Shifted Librarian]

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