ADT MobileSafety GPS/Cellular/Mapping Hybrid

ADT MobileSafety GPS/Cellular/Mapping Hybrid.

ADT Security Services new MobileSafety combines GPS, cell phone, and mapping service features into a least-common denominator device that strips most of the functionality of its inspiration in a trade-off for ease-of-use. One push of the single button on the device puts the user in touch with ADT's monitoring center via the speakerphone, where emergency services can be routed to your location or directions can be audibly given. You can even add the ADT Trak option to keep real time tabs on the location of the car via ADT's website or by phone. It's not a bad idea, really. Even though there are dozens of more full-featured devices out there that do similar things, ADT already has the call centers set up to support their home and business security systems, and the $129 price point (plus the $20/month monitoring fees) is a pretty low barrier to entry for those that want a little more safety in their cars. (Thanks, Matthew!) Read [ADT] [Gizmodo]

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