Out of Options With TurboTax

Out of Options With TurboTax. You'd think TurboTax would be the one Intuit product that wouldn't be subject to any sunsetting tactics, since customers have to buy the new version every year anyway. So I was a bit surprised when my recent story about Quicken sunsets prompted some TurboTax 2004 customers to report that Intuit… Continue reading Out of Options With TurboTax


Ouch. The hard disk on the Tinderbook dropped a block in a very inconvenient way, at a mildly inconvenient moment. Nothing important is lost — backups are good — but workflow is a muddle while Disk Warrior rebuilds the directory, ever so slowly. Meanwhile, read Jack Baty: “My recent experiment with Getting Things Done has… Continue reading Ouch

Web-based habit changers?

Web-based habit changers?. What I really meant by my last entry was any kind of coaching/reminder/inspirational processes that were Web-based, not so much action management (though I appreciate the thoughts and feedback on that, too). Like, ever had something that you could plug in that actually got you to do something more regularly, consistently, completely….… Continue reading Web-based habit changers?

Web-based self-management?

Web-based self-management?. I'm investing heavily right now in people and systems to build in highly leveraged support mechanisms for people who want to stay connected to black belt and beyond, in our game. We're adding a whole top-end component to the business this year that will offer those kinds of tools. As I'm still in… Continue reading Web-based self-management?

Researchers find diabetes trigger, possible fix

Researchers find diabetes trigger, possible fix. Researchers in Boston have pinpointed a primary trigger for the most common form of diabetes and have uncovered evidence that simple, inexpensive aspirin-like drugs could keep the disease that affects millions in check. [Boston Globe — Front Page]

Really Getting Started in Rails

Really Getting Started in Rails. Amy Hoy is a designer, programmer, and writer digging into Rails. She read Curt Hibbs’ great introduction article on Rails at O’Reilly’s OnLAMP, but decided she’d like to decorate it a bit with why’s: The only thing is, like all tutorials, it doesn’t always explain why. Why is that the… Continue reading Really Getting Started in Rails

The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security

The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security. The Web Application Security Consortium has released a guest article written by Jeremiah Grossman (CTO of WhiteHat Security) on “The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security: Increase your security without touching the source code”. In this article Jeremiah discusses ways to make your website more difficult to exploit… Continue reading The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security

Intuit can't be trusted

Intuit can't be trusted. Count me in with Norvy and Cory; I've been successfully using Quicken 2001 for the past three and a half years, and if Intuit really intends to disable my ability to use it online come April, then what I interpret that as is telling me that I can't trust them to… Continue reading Intuit can't be trusted