OQO 4 Real

OQO 4 Real. 40 Companies Are Test Driving the OQO

“OQO has selected a lucky group of 40 major potential corporate customers to test drive the OQO Model 01. They are pretty confident — and we can hardly disagree — that 'OQO will sell every unit it can make during the first year or two.'

The Model 01 — which measures 4.9 inches x 3.4 inches x 0.9 inches — will, supposedly, be available in the fall. It will have a 1GHz CPU, 20GB hard drive, 256MB RAM, Windows XP, 800×480 Wide-VGA 5-inch screen, 802.11b wireless, Bluetooth, FireWire (1394), USB 1.1 and a digital pen.” [Engadget]

Wow, it's real after all. I'd love for these to live up to the hype. Imagine the possibilities for mobile labs in libraries. Take your training on the go!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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