Best of Berkshire's Annual Meeting

Best of Berkshire's Annual Meeting. Whitney Tilson on the annual display of wit and wisdom from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. [The Motley Fool]

Coolpix 995 Review

Imaging Resource: Coolpix 995 Review « What can we say? We were already enamored with the Coolpix 990, and the 995's increased flexibility is even more impressive. Increased zoom range, higher ISO settings, and a bevy of improved features make this camera perfect for any shooting situation. It offers a completely automatic mode for novices, with… Continue reading Coolpix 995 Review

Samba 2.2

developerWorks: Samba 2.2 « In this article, Daniel Robbins explains how Samba 2.2 improves on the already-excellent Samba 2.0.8 to create an incredibly powerful enterprise-ready Unix/Windows integration solution. The new Samba 2.2 offers a host of new improvements, including Windows 2000 client and Windows NT domain controller support, to name just a few. » [QubeQuorner]

PHP Jobs

PHPeverywhere: PHP Jobs « Good luck finding a job doing PHP as the principal server side language. It is outnumbered 10:1 by MS-based and Java-based jobs. The achilles heal of PHP is that it's an apache module and can't run on MS-based operating systems without running as a CGI. The fact that it can't run as… Continue reading PHP Jobs

“Don't Make Me Think”: Classics Illustrated does Web Usability

Lighthouse: “Don't Make Me Think”: Classics Illustrated does Web Usability. It makes itself useful to designers by powerfully reinforcing a handful of key ideas that most designers already use. It makes itself useful to the designer's non-designer colleagues by teaching those ideas in a concise but highly engaging style. [Tomalak's Realm]

Canadian Privacy Head Says Work E-mail Private

Slashdot | Canadian Privacy Head Says Work E-mail Private. Employees in Canda have a “fundamental, inherent right” to privacy in the workplace, and this includes the right to private e-mail, says federal Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski. [Privacy Digest]

Which programming language should I learn?

O'Reilly: Which programming language should I learn? “If you read my column, you won't be surprised to see that my final and highest recommendation is Python. It's an easy-to-use programming language with many of the virtues of Perl and PHP–interactive development, RAD, object orientation, and lots of examples of Web use–but it also enforces good… Continue reading Which programming language should I learn?

outliner market

Dave Winer: Ye-hi, the outliner market on the Mac is coming back to life. Here's a really interesting line from the Omni website. “Multiple columns per row — a first for any outliner that we've seen!” Wow. Takes your breath away. MORE didn't do multiple columns, but InfoDepot did. It was their big feature. Frankly,… Continue reading outliner market

The Best Low Budget Macs

The Best Low Budget Macs : There is a short answer to that question. Buy an iMac, used or new. In terms of value, it's pretty tough to beat the iMac in a desktop machine. (Low End Mac) [Applesurf]