Interview with millionaire Marc Allen

Interview with millionaire Marc Allen. Self-improvement blogger Steve Pavlina does a great interview with entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Marc Allen. Allen describes himself as lazy, running his publishing company on less than 30 hours a week. He sleeps until 11AM, takes Mondays off, spends Sundays with his family, completely disconnected from the internet and work. He… Continue reading Interview with millionaire Marc Allen

Microsoft Vista's Endless Security Warnings

Microsoft Vista's Endless Security Warnings. Paul Thurrott has posted an excellent essay on the problems with Windows Vista. Most interesting to me is how they implement UAP (User Account Protection): Modern operating systems like Linux and Mac OS X operate under a security model where even administrative users don't get full access to certain features… Continue reading Microsoft Vista's Endless Security Warnings

Google's Mini Slims Down, Speeds Up

Google's Mini Slims Down, Speeds Up. The search engine company claims that the newest version of its small business appliance is half the size and weight of its predecessor. The new Mini also boasts a 25x speed increase and offers a real-time crawl feature. [Datamation Product News]

Are We Short of Engineers?

Are We Short of Engineers?. This morning's Wall Street Journal carried a short opinion piece by Robert J. Stevens, CEO of Lockheed Martin, complaining how the US is short of engineers and therefore falling behind the rest of the world in technological innovation. His list of remedies is all the usual: Spend more on education,… Continue reading Are We Short of Engineers?


Appetite. Dan's recent post about software got me thinking. Maybe you're like me, where you love trying out cool new apps. “Wow, this is great! It'll save me time and I'll be far more productive”. But after a day or so the excitement wears off and you're back to pencil and paper, or storing things… Continue reading Appetite

IA Summit summaries

IA Summit summaries. So, summaries from the IA Summit have been coming out – the most recent at Boxes and Arrows, now in its 5th year of Summit coverage. See session-by-session descriptions and reflection for – Overview and Preconferences – Saturday – Sunday – Monday UXMatters also has a summary posted, a reflective take from… Continue reading IA Summit summaries

Intuit “Reboots” TurboTax

Intuit “Reboots” TurboTax. By tim I can't imagine a more potent “news from the future” story that underlines how the web is becoming the new software platform than today's New York Times report that Intuit compared the temporary shutdown of TurboTax yesterday to a software reboot: Some TurboTax users encountered a brief filing delay Monday… Continue reading Intuit “Reboots” TurboTax

Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain

Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain. Everyone's favorite A-list target, Robert Scoble, announced the unthinkable a few days ago: he will be moderating his comments. But what some people found far more disturbing was Robert's wish to make a change in his life that includes steering clear of “people who were deeply unhappy”… Continue reading Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain