The one thing your business needs to grow

The one thing your business needs to grow. Want to grow your business? Harvard Business Review's Frederick Reichheld says there's one thing that's dramatically more important than anything else: are your customers willing to recommend your product or service to a friend? If they are, he contends, your business will grow. If they aren't, it… Continue reading The one thing your business needs to grow

What's the Context?

What's the Context?. Legal Services + Social Networking…. Posted Feb 27, 2004, 12:17 PM ET by Judith Meskill Demir Barlas writes that Miller & Chevalier, a Washington, D.C. law firm, has installed Interface Software’s Social Networking system to connect their ~120 lawyers and professionals. Not likely bedfellows but the utilization of Interface’s solution has, according… Continue reading What's the Context?

Wireless Nodes of Thought

Wireless Nodes of Thought. One of the things I really like about Michael Stephens' Tame the Web site is that he provides firsthand reports about the implementation, maintenance, and discussions of technology in his Library. While at PLA, Michael shares his thoughts about public librarians and technology, expressing the need for us to get unwired. Elsewhere,… Continue reading Wireless Nodes of Thought

Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Its Security

Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Its Security. Super Tuesday will be a big test for new touchscreen voting machines. But computer experts are worried about security issues. By John Schwartz. [New York Times: Technology]

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New WinZip vulnerability

New WinZip vulnerability.  As if you weren't already paranoid enough about ZIP files… The recent MyDoom virus required you to open a ZIP and then execute one of the files inside the attachment. But a new vulnerability announced by iDEFENSE allows arbitrary code execution just by opening the ZIP file. Note that as of yet… Continue reading New WinZip vulnerability

Catholic Panel Rebukes Bishops for Failing to Stop Abuse

Catholic Panel Rebukes Bishops for Failing to Stop Abuse. Studies found 10,667 children were allegedly victimized over 52 years, but even these numbers represent an undercount. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]


SitePoint. Nathn Matias offers an intelligent review of Tinderbox at SitePoint. “It's like no content management system I've ever used….. Tinderbox is a truly open-ended writing tool. It can be used to build Websites, keep track of contact information, produce flowcharts, and visualize database records. And these are just the obvious uses.” “Tinderbox, which uses… Continue reading SitePoint

Laszlo Mugs

Laszlo Mugs.  We recently wrapped up version 2.0 of the Laszlo Presentation Server. In celebration of the new components, I opened a couple of Cafe Press stores to special-order some custom Laszlo schwag. It was a fun excuse to check out Cafe Press. Its an amazing business where you can create your own T-shirts, mugs… Continue reading Laszlo Mugs

WiMax: To be or Not to be

WiMax: To be or Not to be.  New Jersey’s Star-Ledger has a solid piece exploring the potential of WiMax: It’s nice to see a paper like the Star-Ledger get the story right. The piece offers a nice balance between describing why there is excitement around WiMax but also why the vision for it may not… Continue reading WiMax: To be or Not to be