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Microsoft's cheerful desperation

PeterCoffee: Microsoft's cheerful desperation “Microsoft wants the next generation of personal computers to be more usable. Who could disagree? But PC buyers may be more than a little surprised, and not entirely pleased, to learn the full extent and direction of Microsoft's influence over the capabilities and design details of the next generation of business and home machines.” [Zope Newbie News]

Phil Jones says

Phil Jones says that the problem isn't Microsoft, it's Amazon (cause of their patent-hungry culture). I'm conflicted, for certain. If I had morals, I'd take Amazon off my site. But, I don't. I'm selling out, and I'm quite honest when saying that. Plus, I like Amazon — they offer the best deal on the Internet so far for fans of my Train Simulator site. Out of the big book stores they have the lowest price on Train Simulator and they have a decent affiliate program where you can get a kickback for a link to them. Anyone know of some better deal? I'll put that up instead. [scobleizer]

Interesting comment!

Corporate Sites Seem to Skimp on the Facts

Corporate Sites Seem to Skimp on the Facts. NY Times: Corporate Sites Seem to Skimp on the Facts. A new study indicates that corporate Web sites often fail at what might seem most important: getting out the corporate message. It found that in many cases, reporters could not use the sites to get information as basic as a company's phone number. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]