Cooper's office phone concept

Cooper's office phone concept.  Who likes their office phone? [no one raises their hands] Cooper believes they have the answer and have put their money where their concept is. Well, at least it appears they have a UI concept that’s built out. The UI is scroll wheel, touch screen, and voice recognition based. The interface… Continue reading Cooper's office phone concept

No safer today

No safer today. A very interesting interview with Michael Scheuer who, until he resigned in 2004, was a 22-year veteran with the CIA, he answers six questions: We're coming up on the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Is the country safer or more vulnerable to terrorism? Is Al Qaeda stronger or weaker than it… Continue reading No safer today

Engineers Doubt Big Easy Levees

Engineers Doubt Big Easy Levees. After nearly a year of work on the levee system in the Crescent City, the commander of the Army Corps of Engineers admits it's likely not up to holding against a big one. [Wired News: Top Stories]

Commuter rail head steps down under fire

Commuter rail head steps down under fire. The head of the consortium that runs the MBTA's commuter rail system has resigned under withering criticism about late trains and chronic poor service, which worsened after the Big Dig tunnel closings sent more commuters to trains. [Boston Globe — Front Page]

Skype Call Traced

Skype Call Traced. Kobi Alexander fled the United States ten days ago. He was tracked down in Sri Lanka via a Skype call: According to the report, Alexander was located after making a one-minute call via the online telephone Skype service. The call, made from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, alerted intelligence agencies to his… Continue reading Skype Call Traced

Feel the pain…

Feel the pain…. Dare wrote a post talking about the advisability of making developers do operations. Which is really part of a philosophical question… When you're setting up a software organization, how much specialization should you have, and where you should you draw the lines around the responsibilities of the various groups? Some orgs take… Continue reading Feel the pain…