Potomac Tech Journal

Potomac Tech Journal.  A big problem that is severely impacting the GWOT. It's sounds like the system needs to be revamped given the change in the threat's mode of operation.

The war on terrorism has forced government contractors in the region into a high-stakes competition for a finite supply of specialized information technology workers with security clearances.

“One of my clients tells me he really feels I sent him the perfect person, but he doesn’t have the clearance,” Ebert said. “One applicant was a [former] Navy Seal and one was a Green Beret. If you can’t trust those people, and accelerate the process for them, who would you do it for?”

A DoD spokesman said last week that the total backlog of investigations had been reduced to 262,000.

But one firm’s successes might come at the expense of other contractors in a zero-sum game to recruit a finite pool of candidates with clearances. [John Robb's Weblog]

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