Rethinking Windows Updates

Rethinking Windows Updates.  Last night, I spoke with someone at Microsoft about the coming changes to Microsoft lifecycle support. She confirmed the reasons stated in my earlier blog and also explained how the new policy affects service packs. Starting June 1, Microsoft will support an existing service pack for at least 12 months following the… Continue reading Rethinking Windows Updates

MITX Fireside Chat with “Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell

MITX Fireside Chat with “Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell. Last night I attended yet another Fireside Chat. The speaker was Malcolm Gladwell, best known as the author of the book “The Tipping Point”. Since 1996 he has been a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine. As usual, the interviewer was journalist Scott Kirsner. The… Continue reading MITX Fireside Chat with “Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell

Tinderbox Weekend Trip Report

Tinderbox Weekend Trip Report. Lisa Firke has posted a fine trip report on Tinderbox Weekend. ” The whole weekend was like this, really. The best moments were those sudden glimpses into other people's Tinderboxen. I am grateful to Rosemary Simpson of Brown for unseating a very fixed prejudice against MS Word, showing me that the… Continue reading Tinderbox Weekend Trip Report

Blogging at a new level

Blogging at a new level With the release of his new blog, friend and associate, Greg Fisk, has just raised the bar on what an aesthetically pleasing blog site can look like. Greg and I first started working together many years ago, when the web was still in its infancy and companies were still trying… Continue reading Blogging at a new level

Xamlon reaches beta 4

Xamlon reaches beta 4. Xamlon, the product (and company) of my old friend Paul Colton, just reached Beta 4. As I wrote before, Xamlon is a XAML engine that runs on Windows 98 through Windows XP. And XAML is the user interface development language for Longhorn.In addition to the new beta release, Xamlon-the-company now has… Continue reading Xamlon reaches beta 4

Guest Host: Ideas Are Free

Guest Host: Ideas Are Free.  Next week, Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder will join contributors to FC Now as guest hosts. The authors of Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations, Robinson and Schroeder wrote the Readers' Choice selection for June. Robinson teaches at the Isenberg School of Management… Continue reading Guest Host: Ideas Are Free

Privacy 'Sacrificed' in Terrorism Fight

The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK – Privacy 'Sacrificed' in Terrorism Fight. Europe's leaders were accused today of sacrificing privacy rights in the fight against terrorism. European Liberal Democrat leader in the European Parliament Graham Watson was reacting to today's formal signing in Washington of an agreement to pass full details of transatlantic air passengers to the… Continue reading Privacy 'Sacrificed' in Terrorism Fight

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Well, I finally have an internet connection again.  Since the thunderstorms of Monday night, I've been dealing with internet withdrawal.  Not a pretty sight.