Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster

Useit.Com: Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster. Information foraging is the most important concept to emerge from Human-Computer Interaction research since 1993. Developed at Xerox PARC by Stuart Card, Peter Pirolli, and colleagues, information foraging uses the analogy of wild animals gathering food to analyze how humans collect information online. [Tomalak's… Continue reading Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster

Making it tough on digital thieves

Boston Globe Online / Business / Making it tough on digital thieves. PC owners can take simple steps to keep vandals at bay ''Nobody's configuring their routers,'' said Ford, owner of Blue Island Technology, a Somerville-based residential wireless networking company. ''Most don't have passwords.'' Instead, they brought them home, switched them on, and invited the… Continue reading Making it tough on digital thieves


I spent several very frustrating hours today wrestling with an Apple software update for my 12 inch PowerBook G4.  The Airport 3.1 update makes my Airport Extreme card somehow incompatible with my SMC 802.11b access point.  The PowerBook can see the access point, but I receive a message that says “An error occurred while joining the selected Airport… Continue reading Untitled

ConsultWeb Newsletter

ConsultWeb Newsletter. Consultant/lawyer Dale Tincher's most recent newsletter is available. One of his clients reports getting an average of 25 new workman's compensation clients from her Tincher-designed web site. Dale is very knowledgeable, and, more important, has very sound judgment. Like myself, Dale believes in the marketing power of focused web sites. A few of his recent examples are the… Continue reading ConsultWeb Newsletter

Sky Dayton Recruits Venues

Sky Dayton Recruits Venues. Sky Dayton recruits venues through Entrepreneur magazine: Boingo CEO Sky Dayton co-authored an article in Entrepreneur's July issue on why and how to become a Wi-Fi hot spot if you're on the real-estate side. Makes sense for them to recruit, because thousands of disparate locations, self-funded using turnkey soutions, provide them… Continue reading Sky Dayton Recruits Venues

Russell on Vacation Time

Russell on Vacation Time. One of the first blogs I began reading was Russell Beattie's Notebook. I don't remember how I found him, but I immeditately like his writing style and the fact that his posts often taught me things or made me think about something. Go read his Vacation Time post. It's good to… Continue reading Russell on Vacation Time

Wireless Sensor Network Nation

Wireless Sensor Network Nation. Imagine sprinkling tiny sensors on road and fields for surveillance, putting them in buildings and bridges to monitor structural health, and installing them in industrial facilities to manage energy, inventory and manufacturing processes.That's the idea behind the emerging technology of wireless sensor networks (see “Casting the Wireless Sensor Net”). Boston-based Ember… Continue reading Wireless Sensor Network Nation

Nerd Wars: An Echo for RSS

Nerd Wars: An Echo for RSS. I've been humiliated by Dave Winer before. He's a talented writer, and can make you feel really small if he wants to. Big deal; in general, he has a big heart and a generous spirit, he just has occasional lapses like everyone else. The sad thing is that because… Continue reading Nerd Wars: An Echo for RSS

Master of Design

Technology Review: Master of Design. Q&A: Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. Early cars looked like carriages, early TVs looked like radios. Every time somebody brings you something that's new, it looks like the old thing. It's only the second or third generation before it finally starts to look like the new thing. [Tomalak's Realm]

Not a happy citizen!

Not a happy citizen!. Secret 'Justice' a Grotesque Notion. Jeff Jarvis, whom I greatly admire, takes me to task for this recent posting in which I pointed at this… [Dan Gillmor's eJournal] I've been doing some thinking about citizens vs. the state lately which, in my mind, dovetails neatly with the issues Dan is raising. Something I… Continue reading Not a happy citizen!