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Fixing Ruby on OS X Tiger

Fixing Ruby on OS X Tiger.

Apple has done a great thing by including Ruby 1.8.2 in OS X 10.4,
but unfortunately they stumbled just as they were to cross the finish
line. Tiger has some deficiency that prevents it from installing native
extensions properly. But there is quick room for remedy.

You can either grab the cool new Ruby on Rails installer for Tiger that fixes Ruby itselfs and installs RubyGems, FCGI,
and Rails in one fell swoop. Or if you already have stuff like RubyGems
and the Rails installed, you can just grab this correction gem:

sudo gem install fixrbconfig
sudo fixrbconfig

Curtsey of the RubyGems team. 
[Riding Rails]

Upgraded to Tiger

Upgraded to Tiger.
I just upgraded my PowerBook to Tiger tonight and so far so
good–everything just runs (I did the “upgrade” path as opposed to
starting fresh or doing the “archive and install” option) including
Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and even JRun/CF.

The Dashboard widgets are really slick, the Mail improvements are very
nice, and Spotlight is COMPLETELY cool. I think Spotlight is going to
turn out to be one of those “how the hell did I ever get along without
this” features for me.

One thing I did notice is that Firefox and Thunderbird are sluggish
after the upgrade (click on something and the menu takes a second to
pop up whereas it didn't before), so who knows what's up with that. I'm
giving Safari another try at the moment and the RSS stuff is pretty
neat. If I run into fewer problems than I did before with Safari I may
stick with it for a while.

As I said, so far so good, but I'll post any weirdness I run into after I've had things running for more than a few hours. [Matt Woodward's Blog]

Tiger/Safari In-Browser PDF Viewing

Tiger/Safari In-Browser PDF Viewing.
This may seem like a minor feature, but I absolutely hate PDFs. (No
offense to our future Adobe overlords.) The new in-browser viewing of
PDFs in Safari is really nice and greatly reduces my negative feelings
about PDFs. If you click on a PDF link on a web site, it loads in the
browser without loading the Adobe reader, and it's really quite fast to

After it loads, you can use the contextual menu to open the PDF outside
the browser with Apple Preview, view it actual size in the browser,
zoom in and zoom out, and a few other options. Another seemingly minor
feature that makes things a lot nicer for the user. [Matt Woodward's Blog]

Tiger: Spotlight and EXIF

Tiger: Spotlight and EXIF.

According to Apple, Spotlight is supposed to be able to index EXIF
data. Unfortunately, none of my JPEGs’ EXIF data has been indexed. Even
worse, some of the Spotlight metadata fields are obviously bogus,
showing obvious bugs in Spotlight’s implementation.

Update 2:
It’s definitely a two-pass thing. After leaving my laptop running
overnight, all of my JPEGs now have a full set of metadata associated
with them. The ISO numbers and apertures are still wrong, but the rest
of the data’s all there. So, it looks like Spotlight tries really hard
to get basic data into the DB, and then makes a second pass filling in
more details as time permits. Good to know—I haven’t seen this
documented anywhere. 

Build Your Own DVR

Build Your Own DVR.
prostoalex writes “If you have an old computer that had been laying
around for a while and are ready to spend a bit on hardware to make
into a Digital Video Recorder, this article from Make magazine contains
a step-by-step guide on building one. The author spent $150 on TV card
and $70 on BeyondTV PVR software.” (And with a Linux-friendly capture
card, MythTV would save the builder $70.) [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]

Tiger day

Tiger day.
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is out today. Amazon says my preordered copy is
“shipping soon”, the bastids.I think this is a very important OS
release, but not necessarily for any of the user-visible features
available right now. Spotlight is an obvious good thing, sure. (And the
Finder finally won't have to poll for directory updates, so it might
seem less mind-bogglingly sluggish.) But the developer features are
going to enable apps to do interesting things. Not right away, but in
the coming months as inspired programmers work on their software. Six
months from now, everything good will require Tiger.So upgrade now, I
say. And check out John Siracusa's review at Ars Technica, which gets
detailed and technical. [Ceejbot]

I have my copy!

Rails Day 2005

Rails Day 2005.

Could we be any more explicit about our appreciation for and expectations of Ruby on Rails? Aside from writing about it left, right, and center; including it in our publishing plans; and packing more Rails goodness into our Open Source Convention than you can shake a stick at, that is. (Not to mention Rails hacking in any spare waking moments.)

We've also just put our money where our radar is by supporting Rails Day 2005, a 24 hour Ruby on Rails hackathon put together by Lucas Carlson and friends.

It's been inspiring to see a community spend as much time on exemplar
applications as on the framework itself. There seems this inherent
understanding among Rails advocates that making something
understandable is about as important as making it work — something we
obviously care a great deal about at O'Reilly.  [O'Reilly Radar]

Strategies- Your business cards.

Strategies- Your business cards..

A great article from Rhonda Abrams on USA Today. Rhonda talks about the great and forgotten marketing tool called the business card.

It's time to take a fresh look at your business card. Does it
help people remember you? To be motivated to do business with you? Does
it convey what you do? At the very least, is the information clear?
Here's a business card refresher:

Our current cards at Fellowship are our best yet. In the past we have been guilty for going overboard on
the creative and really lost the function.  However, I still think we
have a lot to learn and I like Rhonda’s ideas about adding one brief
line about your business or church.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. [link] Are you doing a good job with your cards? 
  [terry storch @ fellowship church]