Fixing Ruby on OS X Tiger

Fixing Ruby on OS X Tiger. Apple has done a great thing by including Ruby 1.8.2 in OS X 10.4, but unfortunately they stumbled just as they were to cross the finish line. Tiger has some deficiency that prevents it from installing native extensions properly. But there is quick room for remedy. You can either… Continue reading Fixing Ruby on OS X Tiger

Upgraded to Tiger

Upgraded to Tiger. I just upgraded my PowerBook to Tiger tonight and so far so good–everything just runs (I did the “upgrade” path as opposed to starting fresh or doing the “archive and install” option) including Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and even JRun/CF. The Dashboard widgets are really slick, the Mail improvements are very nice, and Spotlight… Continue reading Upgraded to Tiger

Tiger: Spotlight and EXIF

Tiger: Spotlight and EXIF. According to Apple, Spotlight is supposed to be able to index EXIF data. Unfortunately, none of my JPEGs’ EXIF data has been indexed. Even worse, some of the Spotlight metadata fields are obviously bogus, showing obvious bugs in Spotlight’s implementation. Update 2: It’s definitely a two-pass thing. After leaving my laptop… Continue reading Tiger: Spotlight and EXIF

E-Mail on Phones: Just a Bad Idea

E-Mail on Phones: Just a Bad Idea. Mobile e-mail will be a deadly mistake for enterprises thinking it will boost productivity and help connect with sales prospects. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]

Build Your Own DVR

Build Your Own DVR. prostoalex writes “If you have an old computer that had been laying around for a while and are ready to spend a bit on hardware to make into a Digital Video Recorder, this article from Make magazine contains a step-by-step guide on building one. The author spent $150 on TV card… Continue reading Build Your Own DVR

Blair loads Lords with new peers

Blair loads Lords with new peers. LABOUR will become the dominant political force in the House of Lords in the next parliament when Tony Blair creates 16 new Labour peers. [The Scotsman]

Tiger day

Tiger day. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is out today. Amazon says my preordered copy is “shipping soon”, the bastids.I think this is a very important OS release, but not necessarily for any of the user-visible features available right now. Spotlight is an obvious good thing, sure. (And the Finder finally won't have to poll… Continue reading Tiger day

Rails Day 2005

Rails Day 2005. Could we be any more explicit about our appreciation for and expectations of Ruby on Rails? Aside from writing about it left, right, and center; including it in our publishing plans; and packing more Rails goodness into our Open Source Convention than you can shake a stick at, that is. (Not to… Continue reading Rails Day 2005