1840s democracy

1840s democracy 150 years ago, we had pretty much settled on all of the protocols and conventions of the American democractic system. We had figured out the steps and rules of electing a president. Before radio, before TV. Before planes or cars. Before computers or voting machines. Before YouTube. Since mass democracy is essentially an… Continue reading 1840s democracy

Excellent tips for getting through the day

Pmarca productivity: Excellent tips for getting through the day. blog.pmarca.com: The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity What a fantastic post. And so many great suggestions that I’m hesitant to choose a sample…so I’ll limit myself to three: Each night before you go to bed, prepare a 3×5 index card with a short list of 3… Continue reading Excellent tips for getting through the day

The best creative thinking books

The best creative thinking books. Between teaching a course on creative thinking at UW, and writing a book on innovation, I’ve read dozens of books on creative thinking, from handbooks, to games, to psychology literature. Here are the four books I’d recommend as a starter library: they range in focus from handbooks to theory to… Continue reading The best creative thinking books

Google get small

Google get small. Google really are a contradiction. I guess it’s what happens when you become a large organisation with megalomaniacs at the top, ex-Microsoft middle-management psychopaths, and a lot of crazy engineers trying to solve big problems. From Coding Horror: Google wants to extend that same efficiency outside their datacenter to your home PC.… Continue reading Google get small