New data

New data shows that we are falling farther and farther behind other nations in broadband deployment (we are now 11th).  This should be a factor in the elections.  Who lost the bandwidth race?  It is the new space race and the best way to grow high quality jobs into the next century (across all business… Continue reading New data

The Atlantic

The Atlantic.  Jack Beatty.  Terminal Senatitis.  Over two days I saw John Edwards and John Kerry speak at Dartmouth College. Edwards exhilarated my wife and me and the rest of the audience. We left the Kerry event before it ended and would have gone earlier if we had not hooked a ride with a more-patient… Continue reading The Atlantic

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Fortune.  The Pentagon is doing some analysis on the impact of a rapid onset mini ice age on global security.  BTW, Boston's average temp in January was the lowest in 118 years.  Also, the lag on getting and analyzing data on the breakdown of the Gulf Stream is measured in years (which is unsettling given that this event… Continue reading Fortune

Tivo as digital hub?

Tivo as digital hub?. Om Malik thinks Tivo's purchase of a startup called Strangeberry signals its intention to become a hub for digital home entertainment.  Makes sense.  Strangeberry is apparently made up of ex-Sun people, and the idea of universal zero-configuration networking was a big element of Sun co-founder Bill Joy's Jini vision.  Of course,… Continue reading Tivo as digital hub?

OneNote genesis

OneNote genesis. OneNote started as an email exchange between myself and Steven Sinofsky, the Senior VP for Office, Nov 27, 2000. We were talking about how there wasn't much in the way of software to deal with information that was not yet a document. This coincided with the end of the OfficeXp development project. I… Continue reading OneNote genesis

David Appel

David Appel: “I no longer believe anything the pundits have to say. They wrote off Kerry a month ago, they highlighted Dean before his time. They clearly have no idea what they're talking about.” [Scripting News]

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How to manage smart people

uiweb: How to manage smart people. Over the years I've experienced many mistakes and successes in both how I was managed, and how I managed others. What follows is a short distillation of some of what I've learned. There's no one way to manage people, but there are some approaches that I think most good… Continue reading How to manage smart people

Structured search, phase two

Structured search, phase two. The next phase of my structured search project is coming to life. For the new version I'm parsing all 200+ of the RSS feeds to which I subscribe, XHTML-izing the content, storing it in Berkeley DB XML, and exposing it to the same kinds of searches I've been applying to my… Continue reading Structured search, phase two