RSS Tutorial

RSS Tutorial. Publish and Syndicate Your News to the Web “In this workshop you'll learn how to create, validate, syndicate, and view your own RSS news channel. The emphasis will be the practical application of RSS XML/RDF metadata for dynamically publishing….” [via Serious Instructional Technology] Now this is an excellent resource! Put up by the Government… Continue reading RSS Tutorial

CD Archival Backups

CD Archival Backups. The people at Tom's Hardware have performed an analysis of what you should know when making archival backups of your compact discs. []

Internet As Library

Internet As Library. Will sends along a special excerpt from The Broadband Difference: How Online Americans’ Behavior Changes with High-speed Internet Connections at Home (PDF): “In sum, emailing and information searching are most popular among broadbanders. This is not too surprising, since most Americans view the Internet as an information resource like a library. When asked what… Continue reading Internet As Library

Lessons From Networks, Online and Other

Lessons From Networks, Online and Other. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi's new book, “Linked: The New Science of Networks,” could alter the way we think about all the networks that affect our lives. By William J. Holstein. [New York Times: Technology]

Recovery in Technology Spending Is Still Elusive

Recovery in Technology Spending Is Still Elusive. While other areas of business are showing tentative signs of strength, technology remains in a deep funk. And the reasons go beyond the weak economy. By Russ Mitchell. [New York Times: Technology]

Scripting News

Welcome back, Dave:  “OK, here's the deal. I did not have a heart attack, but it was close. I had bypass surgery, which I am now recovering from. It was my fault — I had classic warning signs that I ignored. No family history of heart disease. Most important — I wanted to keep smoking.… Continue reading Scripting News