Redacting the rules

Redacting the rules. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday in support of airport regulations demanding the display of identification by travelers — and in support of the existence of secret laws, laws that our government can prohibit people from scrutinizing yet can impose on those same people. (The decision, in PDF form, is… Continue reading Redacting the rules

Guy's 11 micro-ISV Commandments

Guy's 11 micro-ISV Commandments. Guy Kawasaki's latest post on the Art of Bootstrapping is such good advice, every micro-ISV should print it and read it until they know it by heart. Here's the bullet point version, just to whet you appetite so you go read Guy's post: Focus on cash flow, not profitability. Forecast from… Continue reading Guy's 11 micro-ISV Commandments

Mass. faces cuts in road projects

Mass. faces cuts in road projects. Massachusetts will receive 20 percent less in federal road and bridge construction funds than federal authorities had estimated for this year, and the state faces cutbacks for years to come, state officials said yesterday. [Boston Globe — Front Page]

Thought Crime in the US

Thought Crime in the US Katie Hafner at the Times has a good overview of the fears people have over the government getting access to search engine records. She's entirely right. The Web is such a close extension of your mind (at least for those that use it all the time) that government eavesdropping is… Continue reading Thought Crime in the US

Do What You Love

Do What You Love. The always inspiring Paul Graham has written another great essay. This time it's about doing what you love. Once, when I was about 9 or 10, my father told me I could be whatever I wanted when I grew up, so long as I enjoyed it. I remember that precisely because… Continue reading Do What You Love

UX Magazine

UX Magazine. UX Magazine I must say I am impressed with this magazines grid-design layout. Quite possibly the most appropriate layout/design for an online magazine I’ve seen. Not to mention the entire site is dedicated to the discussion/review of User Experience (Something a lot of us have a hard time convincing our clients to pay… Continue reading UX Magazine

Pope, in First Encyclical, Provides Meditation on Love

Pope, in First Encyclical, Provides Meditation on Love. Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical presented Catholicism's potential for good rather than imposing potentially divisive rules for orthodoxy. By IAN FISHER. [NYT > Home Page]

OpenLaszlo for Ruby on Rails

OpenLaszlo for Ruby on Rails. Oliver Steele is working on OpenLaszlo integration for Ruby on Rails. There’s a OpenLaszlo gem out there now and a Rails plugin to hook it all up for easy generation of OpenLaszlo applets. Check it out if HTML isn’t doing it for you on the view.  [Riding Rails]