Novell touts Linux as force for innovation

Novell touts Linux as force for innovation. Open-source technology will force software vendors to create better products, but will not be its downfall, according to a Novell executive. Matt Asay, Novell's director of Linux business office, said Tuesday at the LinuxUser &Developer Expo in London that Linux threatened the proprietary software industry with innovation, rather… Continue reading Novell touts Linux as force for innovation

eBay platform

eBay platform.  eBay platform: USA Today carries an article profiling people who have started their own businesses, based upon the software services eBay offers. “While these companies mostly view themselves as savvy marketers, it might seem as if eBay executives would be put off by them, considering them to be bloodsuckers. Not at all. In… Continue reading eBay platform

Paul Saffo on What's Next

Paul Saffo on What's Next. In its latest issue, BusinessWeek Magazine publishes a special report, “E-Biz Strikes Again!,” which states that after transforming the book, music and travel industries, the Internet is well on its way to deeply affect six more industries, such as jewelry or real estate sales. The online version of this report… Continue reading Paul Saffo on What's Next


UPI.  President George Bush told the panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks a security memo he got warning of attacks lacked a date or place.  This is nearly the lamest excuse I have ever heard.   It would seem apparent that the absence of a time and place for an impending attack should increase worry… Continue reading UPI

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The Register (UK)

The Register (UK) – The illicit trade in compromised PCs. Investigators are piecing together the complex relationships between the virus writers, middlemen and criminal gangs held largely responsible for the growth of spam in recent months. Viruses such as “My-Doom” and “Bagle” surrender the control of infected machines to hackers. This expanding network of infected,… Continue reading The Register (UK)

VOIP Central Launches

VOIP Central Launches. I'm the host of VOIP Central, a news and commentary site on all things Voice Over IP that launches today.  It's part of Tech Central Station, a “virtual thinktank” funded by corporate sponsors that runs opinion pieces on various policy issues.  As I've written here many times, I believe the regulatory issues… Continue reading VOIP Central Launches

Howard Dean lost because of poor TV ads, Microsoft has a lesson to learn there too

Howard Dean lost because of poor TV ads, Microsoft has a lesson to learn there too. Note to Dave Winer: please get over Howard Dean. He lost cause his TV ads sucked. Nothing else. Guess what? Most voters make up their minds based on what they see on TV. Dean's campaign was great because it… Continue reading Howard Dean lost because of poor TV ads, Microsoft has a lesson to learn there too

High-Tech Voting System Is Banned in California

High-Tech Voting System Is Banned in California. California has banned the use of more than 14,000 electronic voting machines made by Diebold Inc. in the November election because of security and reliability concerns. By John Schwartz. [New York Times: Technology]

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