Monthly Archives: April 2003

Managing Technology on a Budget

Managing Technology on a Budget. I've been asked to make a presentation to an academic library group on the topic of “Managing Technology on a Budget.”  I have a few obvious thoughts: the use of open source tools, do-it-yourself, and collaborative models, and not cutting corners on personnel.  I'd like to be able to share some success stories and other perspectives.  Anyone have any good ideas or advice or thoughts?  What are the most cost-effective methods for building and managing the technology infrastructure in the modern academic library? Thanks for any thoughts. [/usr/lib/info]

Apple: iBook, Apple Store Updates

Apple: iBook, Apple Store Updates. Apple today redesigned the Apple Store and bumped iBook processors to 900 MHz, except for the $999 model (with its read-only CD-ROM), which runs at 800 MHz. The notebooks have Radeon 7500 graphics with 32 MB of VRAM and a 30GB or larger hard drive, but 12-inch models are still configured by default with 128 MBytes of memory, woefully inadequate for Mac OS X. [MacInTouch]

Florida may limit release of driver's license information

Sun-Sentinel: Florida news – Florida may limit release of driver's license information.

TALLAHASSEE · Florida would limit the release of personal information from state driver's licenses under a measure passed Monday by a Senate committee. It appears headed for final approval.

The action (CS/SB 2416) was prompted by a threatened lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, public pressure and the state's conclusion it would not lose as much money as feared if it stopped selling drivers' personal information, backers said.

The state Department of Highway Safety made $27 million last year selling driver's license information, including names and addresses, to businesses.

The ACLU says Florida is breaking a 4-year-old federal law by requiring the state's 14.7 million drivers to ask to have their information kept secret rather than blocking it automatically.  [Privacy Digest]