UPA Site Redesign

UPA Site Redesign. The Usability Professional's Association is currently redesigning their website. The interesting thing is that they have a redesign journal of sorts that documents the process and many of the deliverables. What interests me most is how “usability professionals” are engaging in IA (not a bad thing)…and it underscores for me how little… Continue reading UPA Site Redesign

Some polar bear goodness

Some polar bear goodness. So while I'm impatiently awaiting the release of Information Architecture for the WWW, 2nd ed., I was wandering around O'Reilly's book site and found five sample chapters to whet the appetite. [ia/ – news for information architects]

They Shoot Dead Media Companies, Don't They?

They Shoot Dead Media Companies, Don't They?. Marylaine sends along notice that libraries aren't the only ones that need to shift: Investors May Have Repudiated the Internet, but Consumers Have Not “The reorganization of AOL Time Warner last week has been recounted as a story of Time Warner, the king of traditional media, reclaiming its… Continue reading They Shoot Dead Media Companies, Don't They?

Digital Service Convergence

Digital Service Convergence.  PayPal, Stamps.com Ink a Deal “Online payment processor PayPal and online postage provider Stamps.com have joined forces to enable PayPal users to buy and print postage from their accounts. The companies say the Web-based service will allow PayPal sellers to calculate the exact amount of postage needed and to print a shipping… Continue reading Digital Service Convergence

I Guess Magazine Publishers Will Be Lobbying Congress Now….

I Guess Magazine Publishers Will Be Lobbying Congress Now….. Doubleclick: Web Sites' Reach Matches TV, Nears Mags “The Internet's most popular sites consistently deliver larger audiences than television's most-watched programs and are comparable in reach to popular consumer magazines, according to a study released yesterday by DoubleClick Inc. The top three Web sites — Yahoo… Continue reading I Guess Magazine Publishers Will Be Lobbying Congress Now….

Big Brother Hits the Books

Big Brother Hits the Books “Under the Patriot Act, the FBI doesn't have to demonstrate 'probable cause' of criminal activity to request records. In fact, the so-called 'search warrant' is issued by a secret court. Once granted, it entitles the FBI to procure any library records pertaining to book circulation, Internet use or patron registration.… Continue reading Big Brother Hits the Books

The Hacker in the High Castle

The Hacker in the High Castle. Paul Ford has an outline version of an Alternate History novel about the development of the digital computer in a world where Nazi Germany won WWII. The opening scene, and its implications, chilled me. The real Hitler bought tons of punch cards and readers from IBM. [More Like This… Continue reading The Hacker in the High Castle


Here is a great overview of the amount of money from the entertainment industry that is buying votes in Congress.  Berman tops the list on this election cycle.  A couple of things are obvious:  the amount of money being spent to buy votes is accelerating.  It is up 400% over 1990 mid-term election cycle.  How… Continue reading overview