Know your rules of engagement

Know your rules of engagement. by Bob Walsh One of my favorite sites,, just put up a post I’d recommend every micro-ISV read: Tara Hunt on The Rules of Engagement. Tara sets out to answer: What is that magic ingredient that turns people from ‘consumers’ of your software into active and enthusiastic evangelists? The… Continue reading Know your rules of engagement

Alex Hudson: Hula Status

Alex Hudson: Hula Status. So, Peter has confirmed the news some of us assumed, but didn't want to talk about – that Novell is no longer commercially going to develop Hula. This is sad for so many reasons; for me, primarily because they don't seem to see the demand for this that I do. So… Continue reading Alex Hudson: Hula Status

Sal Taylor Kydd

Sal Taylor Kydd, the head of product for Yahoo TV thanks you for your feedback on the new site. In the meantime I switched to TV Guide, which compares favorably to the old Yahoo TV site. There's a lesson here, one that I learned in 1984, when I shipped a new product with less functionality… Continue reading Sal Taylor Kydd

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a Happy Thanksgiving last week. I had a great time visiting family in Ohio.

Attacking Bank-Card PINs

Attacking Bank-Card PINs. Research paper by Omer Berkman and Odelia Moshe Ostrovsky: “The Unbearable Lightness of PIN Cracking“: Abstract. We describe new attacks on the financial PIN processing API. The attacks apply to switches as well as to verification facilities. The attacks are extremely severe allowing an attacker to expose customer PINs by executing only… Continue reading Attacking Bank-Card PINs