Medicare to Go Broke by 2019, Trustees Predict

Medicare to Go Broke by 2019, Trustees Predict. The go-broke date is seven years sooner than what the trustees projected last year, before the prescription drug law. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

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Mars Rover Finds More Evidence of Ancient Waters

Mars Rover Finds More Evidence of Ancient Waters. NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is resting on what was once a salty, rippling body of water, project scientists announced today. By Steve Twomey. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

IT Security at Microsoft

IT Security at Microsoft. Microsoft has released a great slide deck and Word document discussing what the Microsoft Corporate Security group does to prevent malicious or unauthorized use of digital assets at Microsoft. It is very interesting to see how their asset protection takes place through a formal risk management framework, risk management processes, and… Continue reading IT Security at Microsoft

i am a librarian!

i am a librarian!.  Cynthia Wilson is a photographer and a library school student and is interested in documenting real librarians for her book I am a Librarian. If you don't mind getting your picture taken and answering a few questions, please contact her via[ : a library weblog]

Why Weblogs for KM?

Why Weblogs for KM?.  Michael Angeles sees many reasons to use weblogs for KM, and he details those reasons, plus much more, in his recent presentation, “Supporting Enterprise Knowledge Management with Weblogs: A Weblog Services Roadmap”, given at the recent Computers in Libraries conference. According to Michael, the new KM is a bottom-up effort, which… Continue reading Why Weblogs for KM?

Library Kitties

Library Kitties.  American Profile has a heartwarming story on library cats this week. I want a library kitty in my library, but I always worry about three things:1) The kitty running out the front door and disappearing forever (which would be simply horrible).2) It's not fair to leave the kitty alone once the library closes–perhaps… Continue reading Library Kitties

Zend's New PHP5 Info Center

Zend's New PHP5 Info Center. PHP 5 brings along a host of new features and major improvements like you've grown to expect from past major versions. Answering the need for scalable development architectures in the Enterprise, PHP 5 boasts the new Zend Engine 2, which includes a brand new object model, allowing for the development… Continue reading Zend's New PHP5 Info Center

New Dr Who Actor Named

New Dr Who Actor Named Eccleston is new Doctor Who Shallow Grave actor Christopher Eccleston has been named as the new Doctor Who to front the cult BBC sci-fi show when it returns next year. Eccleston, who starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the horror movie The Others, will be the ninth TV Time Lord to control… Continue reading New Dr Who Actor Named

Information Hailstorm

Information Hailstorm. Just a trail of thought I started today… While we may have information at our fingertips, we lack control over them in time.  We used to consume news at twice a day, morning and evening.  Now news consumes us any time of the day, whirling around us like a relentless hailstorm.  The worst… Continue reading Information Hailstorm