Why Weblogs for KM?

Why Weblogs for KM?

Michael Angeles sees many reasons to use weblogs for KM, and he details those reasons, plus much more, in his recent presentation, “Supporting Enterprise Knowledge Management with Weblogs: A Weblog Services Roadmap”, given at the recent Computers in Libraries conference.

According to Michael, the new KM is a bottom-up effort, which is particularly well supported by blogging, or k-logs. He also quotes Lou Rosenfeld's Roadmap for Enterprise Information Architecture which describes “guerrilla” information architecture as grass roots content producted by experts without necessitating IT involvement, blogs and wikis being prime examples. The advantages of “Guerrilla IA” is that it “keeps knowledge creation close to the owners/creators of that knowledge.”

One of several interesting tools mentioned is k-collector, an enterprise aggregator for blog content.

There's much more there, so be sure to take a look if you're interested in this topic. Now, I wonder where Michael is speaking next?  [LawLibTech]

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