Domain Names Are Big Again

Domain Names Are Big Again. Dot-com domain names are fetching respectable prices again, after more than three years of attracting scant interest. Some are crossing the million-dollar threshold. By Bob Tedeschi. [New York Times: Technology]

IBM's WebFountain of Knowledge

IBM's WebFountain of Knowledge. There is a world where Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft compete to build better search engines and — also — for our money. Then there is a completely different world, the corporate market. And the next big thing in Web search in this other world might be the WebFountain supercomputing project from… Continue reading IBM's WebFountain of Knowledge

Tories quit WMD intelligence inquiry

Tories quit WMD intelligence inquiry. The Conservatives have withdrawn support for Tony Blair's inquiry into intelligence used in the run up to the Iraq war – saying they now realise that the government is preparing another whitewash. [The Scotsman]

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