where does it break down?

where does it break down?. One of my particular skills that isn't necessarily library related is being able to analyze systems and see where their weak points are. This can make me a bit of a pest around work [“well what happens if your plan doesn't work as expected… what is the Plan B?“] but… Continue reading where does it break down?

librarian shortage leading to library shortage

librarian shortage leading to library shortage.  Due to what is being called a “critical staff shortage” the American Museum of Natural History Library's Special Collections are closed to the public. [thanks carol] [librarian.net : a library weblog]

Outsourcing anecdotes

Outsourcing anecdotes. The pro-outsourcing arguments advanced by economist Daniel Drezner, writing in Foreign Affairs, break no new ground. I was struck, though, by this comment about anecdotal evidence: When forced to choose between statistical evidence showing that trade is good for the economy and anecdotal evidence of job losses due to import competition, Americans go… Continue reading Outsourcing anecdotes

Macromedia Flex

Macromedia Flex.  The Flex strategy first began to crystallize two years ago when Macromedia rolled out the Flash 6 player, Flash MX development tools, and ColdFusion MX server. The possibilities were exciting, and the back-end environment was comfortably based on Java and Web services. But the client-side discipline was alien to the corporate programmer. One… Continue reading Macromedia Flex

Creepier than Nixon

Creepier than Nixon. The man who brought down Richard Nixon says Bush and “co-president” Cheney are an even greater threat to the country. [Salon.com]

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TECHSHOW Mini-Roundup

TECHSHOW Mini-Roundup. A lazy blogger's report on the ABA TECHSHOW – links to Jeff Beard's and Bob Ambrogi's perceptive commentaries. And I hint at my strong belief that innovation and change is sneaking up on lawyers at a much faster pace than many might think. [DennisKennedy.blog]

How to Help Someone Use a Computer

How to Help Someone Use a Computer. A very wise set of tips for teaching others to use a computer. Not surprisingly, the principles transfer easily over to teaching many other skills. If I ran a help desk, I'd turn this list into a poster. [DennisKennedy.blog]

why is XML good for GUI?

why is XML good for GUI?. Dan Shafer asks a very good question about Laszlo: “Instead of direct manipulation of graphical objects to create pleasing interfaces, i get to write XML code (with its extreme overhead burden) to describe how I want the graphical experience to look and feel. And that's a good thing because…???” …… Continue reading why is XML good for GUI?


I'm back from Florida.  I had a great time in the sun with friends.


Early tomorrow morning I'm off to visit friends in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for a few days.