Zend's New PHP5 Info Center

Zend's New PHP5 Info Center. PHP 5 brings along a host of new features and major improvements like you've grown to expect from past major versions. Answering the need for scalable development architectures in the Enterprise, PHP 5 boasts the new Zend Engine 2, which includes a brand new object model, allowing for the development of large-scale, maintainable object oriented applications. PHP 5 also introduces new revolutionary ways of dealing with XML that make it the ideal platform for XML processing—no other solution comes even close! Complementary to the new XML features is the new SOAP module, allowing interoperability with Web Services via a fast and easy-to-use API.

The list of goodies in PHP 5 goes on and on: built-in server-independent SQL support using SQLite, new high-performance and more secure MySQL support, all-new COM/.NET support, and lots more.

Given this long list of new features, we're confident that you're just as excited about the next generation of PHP as we are! To make things even snappier, we came up with this new PHP 5 section of Zend.com's DeveloperZone. The section will allow you to get PHP 5 information right from the source, discover PHP 5's various new features, as well as learn how to migrate from earlier versions of PHP. — Zeev and Andi.

This appears to be an excellent resource. Pity I'm too busy at work to look at it. I have received a copy of George's Advanced PHP book too. I will try to review it when my schedule permits. Time is tight. Now where was that cloning device i got for Christmas… [PHP Everywhere]

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