Net Snippets

Net Snippets. – “Net Snippets is a unique Internet information management tool designed to address the needs of researchers, students, information specialists and individuals who rely heavily on the Internet as an information source.”

“Integrated into the browser, Net Snippets provides users for the first time with tools to clip, annotate, edit and manage information found on the web without leaving the comfort of their favorite browser interface.” (via Evhead)

LS ThoughtsI took an online tour of this product and it would be perfect for organizing the content I read online everyday. The price is not that bad ($49.95), and I love that it is fully integrated into the browser. Here's an idea…put this type of program into the Blogger software, allowing for the organizaion of content within the blog itself as well as in the administration mode. One click and I could drag and drop information into a blog, put it into a folder, add comments, and then publish it in one shot to my weblog. Now there is a time saver. [Library Stuff]

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