Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development

Matt Review – Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development Gareth Downes-Powell, Tim Green, Bruno Mairlot – Glasshaus

I am stunned. Real deer in the headlights stuff here. I have gone through so many books in the years I have been in the business and edited about 12 of them. This has to be the best, I mean the VERY best book I have ever seen dealing with databases and web programming. If I had had this book in 1996, I would have *owned* that damned sock puppet and half the other dot coms as well. This is a MUST have book not just for PHP but for any other application server because of the excellent treatment of SQL and how to build a complex application in Dreamweaver MX.

In fact, I would recommend this book and an install of PHP and MySQL for any developer to prototype their site regardless of the final application server or database you plan to use.

What can I say. This is THE book. I am going to go through this again to go over some of the Advanced SQL over the weekend. This book is a must have if you are doing dynamic sites and a must-must have if you are doing PHP and MySQL.

10 out of 10 Matts.  $39.99, ($27.99from Amazon)  [Matt Brown's Radio Weblog]

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