The Lost Art of Research-Paper Writing

The Lost Art of Research-Paper Writing. – “Students no longer need the excuse “The dog ate my research paper” because in a large majority of our nation's schools, there are no research papers for the dog to eat! Many high-school teachers around the country have quit teaching research-paper writing because they simply do not know how to keep their students from plagiarizing off the Internet. Rather than facing the problems which arise when students cheat, many teachers are backing away from teaching a full-fledged research paper at all.”

“Meanwhile, businesses are clamoring for employees who can do quality research and who can then write up their research in such a way that there is no chance of litigation being filed against their companies.”

“Colleges and university professors are complaining because their students no longer know how to do independent research. When papers are assigned, many college students are taking the easy way out by plagiarizing because they really do not know a systematic way to go through the research process.” (from Education News)

LS ThoughtsFewer research papers means less use of the resources available at the library. Not good news from the higher education front. [Library Stuff]

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