Dyson Seeks to Amplify the Public's Voice in Internet Policy

Washington Post: Dyson Seeks to Amplify the Public's Voice in Internet Policy. In order to have a meaningful voice in policy decisions, the public must become more involved, working from within ICANN rather than having elected board members vote on policies a few times a year, Dyson said. [Tomalak's Realm]

Simple PayPal buttons:

Simple PayPal buttons: This caught my eye… Paul Davis offers a Dreamweaver extension which just makes a variety of PayPal buttons. If you have even a single gig which uses PayPal then the automated consistency alone is worth it. (See his full list of extensions here… includes commercial as well as free extensions.) [JD on… Continue reading Simple PayPal buttons:

Verizon enters the business services market for WLANs

Verizon enters the business services market for WLANs: Verizon will offer an extremely useful service for small to medium sized networks by installing wireless LANs at a reasonable price. The question is: are they hiring expertise or training installers?  [80211b News]


CNet.  “A last-minute addition to a proposal for a Department of Homeland Security would punish malicious hackers with life in prison.”  Basically, the bill to create the “Homeland Security” department (which from what I understand will employ 140,000 people after agencies are folded in), is turning into a catch all for everyone's pet security proposal. [John… Continue reading CNet

enemies list

The combination of the Justice Department's “enemies list” (Salon) and Poindexter's DoD sponsored “Information Awareness Office” is truly chilling.  McCarthy and Hoover have returned armed with truly powerful technology and nobody seems to be paying it much attention. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

Resurrecting an Ancient Library

Resurrecting an Ancient Library. – “Two thousand years after it was destroyed by fire, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina—the mythic Egyptian library that at one time boasted a universal collection of everything ever written—was reopened to the public on October 16.” “The idea of resurrecting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina began in 1974 as part of an expansion campaign… Continue reading Resurrecting an Ancient Library


Bookkey. – “With bookkey you organise and access your bookmarks in a new, more flexible way, using keywords instead of a the usual hierarchical.structure.” (via Girl Hacker) LS Thoughts – No time to download and play with this now, but it looks interesting. This seems like a better way to save and retrieve bookmarks, although… Continue reading Bookkey

All About Books

All About Books. – “The United States is reportedly becoming less a nation of readers. It is no secret that millions of students, including high school graduates, do not learn to read above a minimum level. The average American learns about the news from viewing television rather reading print media.” “Even many teachers read little.… Continue reading All About Books

Irish university may sue over Star Wars movie

Irish university may sue over Star Wars movie. – “Ireland's oldest university said Tuesday it is taking legal advice on whether Star Wars director George Lucas used an image of its famous library without its permission.” “The Long Room of Trinity College's library was built in 1732 and houses a number of treasures including the… Continue reading Irish university may sue over Star Wars movie