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Readers' Advisory for Blogs

Readers' Advisory for Blogs.  There seems to be a renewed increase in finding new sites of interest based on blogs and RSS. I really wish I had more time to play with all of these right now, but here's what I'm trying to track.

I wonder if I'll be able to use these types of tools when we get our blog + RSS software running at four Illinois Library Systems next year. Yes, I'll definitely have to figure out a way to have our own Blogging Ecosystem, etc.  [The Shifted Librarian]


CNet.  “A last-minute addition to a proposal for a Department of Homeland Security would punish malicious hackers with life in prison.”  Basically, the bill to create the “Homeland Security” department (which from what I understand will employ 140,000 people after agencies are folded in), is turning into a catch all for everyone's pet security proposal. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

Resurrecting an Ancient Library

Resurrecting an Ancient Library. – “Two thousand years after it was destroyed by fire, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina—the mythic Egyptian library that at one time boasted a universal collection of everything ever written—was reopened to the public on October 16.”

“The idea of resurrecting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina began in 1974 as part of an expansion campaign of the University of Alexandria, but it wasn't until 1990, at an international conference in Egypt, that world leaders met to draft the Aswan Declaration for the Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. With the assistance of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), signatories pledged to create an institution that would become a center of dialogue among ideas and cultures, a symbol of peace and cooperation in an increasingly unstable region. Construction of the $200 million project began in the summer of 1995.” (from Poets and Writers via Online Bookselling Resource Center) [Library Stuff]


Bookkey. – “With bookkey you organise and access your bookmarks in a new, more flexible way, using keywords instead of a the usual hierarchical.structure.” (via Girl Hacker)

LS ThoughtsNo time to download and play with this now, but it looks interesting. This seems like a better way to save and retrieve bookmarks, although I must admit, I rarely use mine. [Library Stuff]

All About Books

All About Books. – “The United States is reportedly becoming less a nation of readers. It is no secret that millions of students, including high school graduates, do not learn to read above a minimum level. The average American learns about the news from viewing television rather reading print media.”

“Even many teachers read little. A survey in a midwestern state some years ago found that, by their own admission, teachers were averaging less than one book in their field every five years. No wonder reforming education is so difficult. As the saying goes, their minds are made up so don't confuse them with the facts.”

“Countering this evidence is the estimate that 70,000 books may be published this year — an average of about 200 a day. Coffee table showpieces and romance novels make up only a minor portion of that, so it would seem that there is still a sizeable number of readers.” (from School Reformers via Education News) [Library Stuff]

Irish university may sue over Star Wars movie

Irish university may sue over Star Wars movie. – “Ireland's oldest university said Tuesday it is taking legal advice on whether Star Wars director George Lucas used an image of its famous library without its permission.”

“The Long Room of Trinity College's library was built in 1732 and houses a number of treasures including the Book of Kells, which dates from the ninth century and is today one of Ireland's top tourist attractions.”

“The impressive two-storey galleried library is 64 metres long by 12 metres broad (about 210 feet by 690 feet) and contains about 200,000 of the university's oldest books.”

“Librarian Robin Adams said similarities with the image of the Jedi Temple Archive Library in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” had been brought to his attention by someone who have learned about it on an Internet discussion page.” (from Middle East Times) [Library Stuff]