Why Widgets mean money for micro-ISVs

Why Widgets mean money for micro-ISVs. by Bob Walsh

Two recent posts have turned my mind back toward the subject of
widgets and micro-ISVs. A widget is basically a mini application that
runs in any number of ways — on your desktop, and Google sidebar, and
Windows live, in any number of third-party applications and in both
Vista and an Mac OS.

When Steve Rubel at micropersuasion.com notes something, it’s worth you noting it to. Have a look at this post by Steve, “Major Marketers Cozy Up to Widgets“. And when Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb picks up on the same trend, it’s definitely worth spending some time thinking about how this emerging trend relates to your micro-ISV.

Have a look at klipfolio.com, or pageflakes.com:
widgets are growing up fast, and by their very nature don’t attract the
giant software companies. No one needs or wants Adobe PhotoShop as a
widget. But (see below) I could see a widget for this. . . .   [MyMicroISV]

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