Eric Sink is a marketing genius!

Eric Sink is a marketing genius!.

I’m downloading IE 7, RC1 and while I’m doing that I’m reading some blogs. Translation: avoiding answering email. I hate email. I hate email. I hate email.

This morning Maryam and I got up to speak to marketing executives from a bunch of big companies (as big as Microsoft). They were asking: “how do you get people talking about them?”

So, it’s very good that I have this to point to today. Actually, Eric Sink is a developer, but he plays a marketing genius on the blogs. Seriously, his post on how to get people talking about your product is RIGHT ON!

I’m sending it to everyone at PodTech.

When I said recently “Microsoft doesn’t understand small things” this is EXACTLY what I was talking about.

How did I start my blog? By publishing for two people. I didn’t go out and try to build a huge audience.  
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