Five reasons why you should have more than one web site

Five reasons why you should have more than one web site.

One of the things that we come across when we build web sites for customers is their desire to appear in search results — at the top. The root goal is to increase the number of prospects and being at the top does make a difference.

Frequently we’ll let a client know that there are a few things that affect search engine rankings.

  1. Well written content and the more the better
  2. Descriptive links from your homepage to your content using the phrases you are targeting
  3. Lots of inbound links

Number three is what stuns most people. The idea of creating a lot of inbound links is impossible. Yet it holds the key that keeps them from online success.

And it really is.

In my humble opinion, if you want to be a success online you have a far better chance if you create those inbound links yourself and the only thing that is preventing you from creating a plethora of online sites is your time and money. With the expertise to do that yourself (as a web developer) what is holding you back?

The more inbound links your site has the more importance Google will place upon your site. So if you have ten inbound links as opposed to just one, Google can see that and it affects your Google Page Rank.

Over the past few years I have been working steadily to create a network of sites. It’s paying off in more ways than I could have ever thought possible.

Being the expert in a field is easier than it used to be. Before the Internet came along if you wanted to be a subject matter expert you would have had to write articles and get them published in trade journals and magazines. To have credibility you would need to write books. And that’s only the beginning.

Today, it is so much easier. You can create web sites and write content on them every single day about your subject. With great design and good writing you can be an authority on a subject. Books and articles in print do help, however with just the web you can make a reputation.

Here are 5 reasons you should have more than one web site:

  1. If you link all of your sites together your Google Page Rank will likely increase
  2. The more sites you make the more opportunity you create to set yourself up as an expert in a field (because each site is focused on a particular topic)
  3. You will end up with more control over your rankings in search engines and less at the whim of Google
  4. Domain names and hosting are inexpensive
  5. It makes launching new web sites a breeze because you can immediately drive traffic to them

Me? I am working on my 12th site right now.

How does this apply to you? Let us imagine for a minute that you run an architectural firm in Phoenix. Let’s presume that you have a web site now but you don’t get any real leads through it. Why would having multiple web sites help and what would these sites be about?

Here’s what Tornado would recommend: Create one main site for the company that discusses everything your firm does. This is the master site. From there, look at sub specialties. Does your company have experience designing schools? Sports complexes? Gymnasiums? Whatever you have a specialty in, create a site around that topic.

Once you’ve created at least one more specialty site you can often use it as a template to build others. Using the same design and code you can drop in new photos, new content, and a slightly different number of pages. Once you put it online you can link to it from all of your other sites and immediately create traffic to it.

There really isn’t any limit to the number of sites you can make. I have no intention of stopping at 12 sites. Imagine the power of 24 sites! If they were all linked together the number of page views would be amazing.  

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