Odd Lots

Odd Lots.

  • Chuck Waggoner pointed out that the Foxit Reader (see my entry for February 23, 2006) has a “typerwriter” mode that allows you to fill in forms distributed as PDF files. You open the PDF, select Tools|Typewriter, and type. You can save the PDF out with the added text, or simply print it. Very handy for tax forms!
  • Here's a nice piece by ZD's George Ou on why rich client software is better than “thin client” software. This has always been my position, but he makes a number of good points I hadn't thought about. Software doesn't have to have an installer or barf all over the Registry. (Look at the Foxit Reader, or anything you build with Delphi.) And having had plenty of experience with networking, I sure don't savor the thought of having my computing experience be absolutely dependent on it.
  • [Jeff Duntemann's ContraPositive Diary]

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