Things everyone in IT should know… by an IT hitman

Things everyone in IT should know… by an IT hitman.

Not strictly security-related, but most of us are either part of IT, were in IT, or are very, very closely tied to IT. The new ITtoolbox blog Confessions of an IT Hitman looks pretty good, and he kicked off last month with the “Technologist Manifesto…, or Things Everyone in IT Should Know. Read the article, as some of the following won’t make sense without it, but his main points:

  • Bad technology is your fault.
  • Users aren’t born stupid, you train them to be that way.
  • You want to make your system easier to use than to not use.
  • If the solution seems too simple, use it.
  • Eliminate jobs – everywhere.
  • Make people better.
  • Keep a Junior nearby.
  • Understand the good of  “good enough”.
  • Respect the database for what it is.
  • The 3-by rule.

And while you’re at ITtoolbox, if you’re not already subscribed to A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator, do it now and thank me later. 
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