Snowstorm with thunder surprises area

Snowstorm with thunder surprises area. A wild northeaster surprised Southern New England yesterday with near-blizzard conditions and a bizarre thunderstorm, closing Logan International Airport, gridlocking thousands of homeward-bound commuters, and dumping more than a foot of snow in some communities. [Boston Globe — Front Page]

Can This Man Reprogram Microsoft?

Can This Man Reprogram Microsoft?. Bill Gates is counting on Ray Ozzie, who joined Microsoft just eight months ago, to help the company tackle Google. By STEVE LOHR. [NYT > Technology]

The MySpace Generation

The MySpace Generation. According to this special of Business Week “They live online. They buy online. They play online. Their power is growing”. Read the cover story on how companies are reaching them or listen to the Podcast Although networks are still in their infancy, experts think they're already creating new forms of social behavior… Continue reading The MySpace Generation

Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?

Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?. Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything? paneraboy writes “If smaller software companies can patch all of their bugs serious or minor, ZDNet's George Ou asks, why can't Microsoft — with its massive army of programmers and massive budget — patch all of its vulnerabilities? Had Microsoft fixed a low… Continue reading Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?

Advice for freelancers

Advice for freelancers. Web design freelancer Cameron Moll has posted some great tips and lessons learned about freelancing. A few of the tips are industry specific, but most will apply to almost any freelance gig. If you're a freelancer now, or are considering making the leap, it's well worth checking out. Full-time freelancing: 10 things… Continue reading Advice for freelancers

How to think clearly

How to think clearly In I can think clearly now , Luda Kopeikina points out that the path to clarity lies in improving your physical and mental state; you think better and make better decisions when you are: – Physically relaxed; – Emotionally positive, happy, and released from fear and anxiety; – Charged with power,… Continue reading How to think clearly

Windows Live Safety Center

Windows Live Safety Center. Yesterday on the Microsoft Security Response Center blog, Stephen Toulouse announced in passing that the Windows Live Safety Center could now clean up against issues in regards to Microsoft Security Advisory 911302. Now the link in the blog post is busted, but I was able to ferret around and find what… Continue reading Windows Live Safety Center