How to think clearly

How to think clearly

I can think clearly now
, Luda Kopeikina points out that the path to clarity lies in improving
your physical and mental state; you think better and make better
decisions when you are:
– Physically relaxed;

– Emotionally positive, happy, and released from fear and anxiety;

– Charged with power, success, self-confidence, and energy;

– Totally in the present;

– Mentally focused on the task at hand.

identifies three bad habits (often masquerading as positive traits)
that can cloud your thinking and decision making. She also offers
alternatives that can improve your clarity of mind:

Bad Habit #1:

In most business positions, multitasking is considered an essential
skill. The problem with multitasking is that you never completely focus
on anything.

Alternative: Do tasks consecutively

Concentrate fully on one item before moving onto the next. By
concentrating solely on one item, you will be able to get through your
to-do list more quickly than if your attention is scattered.

Bad Habit #2: Being Competitive with Others

You have no control over how smart or ambitious or connected someone else is, so don’t waste your energy focusing on it.

Alternative: Compete only with yourself.

Push yourself to excel at your job, learn new skills, and develop new
talents. Do your research, brush up on your knowledge, and invest your
time in self-improvement — not worrying about your competition.

Bad Habit #3: Working Constantly

Through technology, we are better connected to our jobs now than ever
before. Our work is with us all the time. Cell phones, pagers and
laptops make it all too easy to work when we shouldn’t be.

Alternative: Make time to regenerate

You need to save some mental, physical, and emotional resources to
regenerate, think, and strategize for the future. Make yourself
unavailable as often as you can. Resist the urge to “just check email”
five times a day when you’re on vacation. Let your phone calls go into
voice mail.

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