Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?

Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?. Why Can't Microsoft Just Patch Everything?
paneraboy writes “If smaller software companies can patch all of their
bugs serious or minor, ZDNet's George Ou asks, why can't Microsoft —
with its massive army of programmers and massive budget — patch all of
its vulnerabilities?
Had Microsoft fixed a low risk browser
vulnerability six months ago, perhaps we could have avoided last week's
zero-day exploit. Currently, more than two dozen Windows XP issues
remain unpatched. Ou thinks Microsoft ought to fix them all.” From the
article: “Almost 4 years after the launch of Trustworthy Computing, I
found myself wondering why am I staying up till 4:00 AM to deliver an
emergency set of instructions (Home and Enterprise) to my readers
because Microsoft felt it unnecessary to patch a flaw six months ago
that was originally low risk but mutated in to something extremely
dangerous.” [Slashdot] [Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)]

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