Ruby the Rival: What does Java look like post-Rails?

Ruby the Rival: What does Java look like post-Rails?.

O’Reilly’s had a chat with four prominent Java developers under the title of “Ruby the Rival”. Half of them has switched a big chunk of their development to Rails.

James Duncan Davidson notes about the maintainability of Rails applications and the size of the apps that can be built with it:

Can a team write a Ruby on Rails app that performs a large
number of features, does it well, and is maintainable over time? Yes.
No question. After working with Ruby on Rails for a while, I would be
confident tackling any size web application problem with it. But,
that’s because I’ve spent some time with it and now have seen that it’s
possible to write a well-designed application.

Bruce Tate on what increased productivity means for organizations:

What if the productivity numbers are real? What if you
really can get a 5x boost? Then, you can do the work of divisions with
a department, and the work of departments with a team of two.

Do read the whole thing.. [Riding Rails]

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