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Just a quick little post here, so I can get back to working on the
new version of the Widget Kit, being created in the recently-released Draw 2.0.

One of my most well-thumbed tech books of recent years has been the 1.0 Resource Kit,
by Solveig Haugland and Floyd Jones. Till I bought this book, I wasn't
aware of the true power of the free suite. I've been a
strong proponent of both the suite and the book every since, and in
fact it's been one of the only tech books I find myself advocating on a
regular basis.

I've been eagerly awaiting the new 2.0 Resource Kit (due this spring?), but in the meantime I've been quite happy to learn that Ms. Haugland has a blog devoted to OOo tips, tricks and ideas,
and this week has been concerned primarily with OOo Draw. If you're
interested in making your own templates for your planner, or –heck–
you want to learn a fairly powerful desktop publishing application that
costs you nothing, this is a great place to start.

You might also be interested in the wonderful user guide and how-tos available at the OOo Documentation Project:
there's plenty of material there for both beginners and advanced users.
Once you're feeling a little confident with Draw, feel free to jump
into the Design Your Own D*I*Y Planner Templates section.

Okay, back to work…  [D*I*Y Planner – Paper, productivity & passion]

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